Wear Today Gone Tomorrow Final Sale (Up to 90% Off) + Free Shipping

April 02, 2011

Wear Today Gone Tomorrow is a company that is similar in concept to Rent the Runway (without the publicity), I got on their mailing list maybe a year ago but rarely received e-mails until today.

They are offering free shipping on all orders (use code FREE SHIPPING) and have some dresses for sale for up to 90% off. I believe these dresses are "pre-owned" but at 90% off it's probably great for someone who needs a one-wear piece for a special event. Since I am trying to stay away from more cocktail dresses I thought I'd share it instead of taking advantage of it.

I've never bought from them before but I believe they are legitimate since they have received numerous positive reviews in the past.

Some of my picks:

Design History Coral Jersey Dress...retail was $295 and it's now on sale for $29.50...size 2 available.
Alice Olivia Teal Silk Strapless Dress...was $485, on sale for $48.50...size 4 available
Rebecca Taylor Rhinestone Embellished Dress...was $350 now $35...size 0 available
Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Corset Top Dress...was $1,740, now $174...size 4 available.
ADAM Metallic Strapped Bubble Dress...was $498 now $49.80...size 2 available.
Lots of pretties but I must abstain from more frivolous purchases. If you have a need this is a great deal!

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