Neiman Marcus : The Butterfly Game

April 05, 2011

This is a one-day event so take advantage if you are in love with something supremely expensive (Louboutin's, anyone? Sadly CL's no longer eligible as of this afternoon...when I was playing around earlier today it seemed to have worked).

Online only so Chanel doesn't qualify.

So the idea is to click around the site and find the butterflies. Different colored butterflies denote different gift card levels, I thought I'd save you all the trouble of finding the codes and just post all four butterflies here.

Only Regular-price items qualify for gift cards! Use code APRFS for free shipping if you spend more than $150.

The Purple Butterfly aka the worst gift card level gives you at most $200 in gift cards. Use code NMFLY at checkout...but I don't see why anyone would use this code when they can use the others.

The Blue Butterfly allows you to earn up to $300 in gift cards but again is not the most optimal choice. Use code FLY11.

The red butterfly gives you up to $400 in gift cards but why choose red when you can have yellow! Use code FLY4U.
And lastly, the code you should be using. You can earn up to $500 in gift cards by using the code BFLY11.
No CL's? No problems. Here's some Alice + Olivia eye candy for your enjoyment.

Alice + Olivia Saydee Sweetheart Dress - $550
Alice + Olivia Joey Peplum Dress - $396
Alice + Olivia Liran Sequin Chiffon Dress - $484
And this one I'd be tempted to trade my first born for...Alice + Olivia Felicity Strapless Party Dress - $596

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