LOFT 40% Off Sale + Forever 21 Spring Arrivals

April 15, 2011

I was asked to share some of my picks for this sale and here's are four things I would've gotten if I hadn't ordered from Ann Taylor.

Use code TAKE40 for 40% off the entire store. 

(from left to right: Watercolor Print Button Shell $44.50, Ruffle Button Front Shell $44.50, Pucker Silk Crossover Dress $89.50, Charlotte Ruffle Trim Sheath $79.50

And I've been browsing Forever 21 because my merchandise credit from the failed scallop skirt is burning a hole in my pocket. Some of my new favorites:
 (counterclockwise from top left: Patent Leatherette Pumps in tan and navy $16.80, Lace Dress w/ Contrast Belt $24.80, Linen Sailor Tunic $27.80 (Catherine Holstein knockoff)

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