The Limited 40% off Sitewide + Additional Coupons

April 16, 2011

I am late to the party but thought I'd post this deal anyway since there are some rather cute items on sale. Sale ends today, April 16, 2011.

My last experience with the Limited was not pleasant but I almost had a change of heart with this sale. Everything was marked down 40% today (including sale items, discount reflected in the price). Use code 144 for $50 off order of $150 and more or use code 368 for 20% off)

Shipping is not cheap but if you happen to be in need of new clothes for the Spring, this might be worth your while.

The Limited sizing skews rather large so tiny petites probably won't benefit from this sale. But if you are my size or bigger then this is probably a great time to score some work clothes or even a pretty dress that will look great in your closet

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