House Of Holland For Pretty Polly Super Suspender Tights

April 17, 2011

These House of Holland Supender Tights have been making rounds on various fashion blogs and I have been eager to try them myself but I feared that I would be unable to pull them off because of how "suggestive" they are/were.

These tights were recently spotted on two of my favorite fashion (Jessy of the Little Dust Princess) and beauty (Jen of FrmHeadToToe) bloggers.
I can't stop wearing these Forever 21 Mary Janes! I had initially thought they would be difficult to incorporate into weekend outfits but they are surprisingly versatile and only somewhat painful to wear.
Top: Charlotte Russe Rosette Romance Corset in XS
Skirt: (via TJMaxx)
Tights: House Of Holland For Pretty Polly Super Suspender Tights

Boyfriend and mom both expressed surprise that I wanted to wear these in public. BF was somewhat reserved in his comments but mom flat out told me the tights look streetwalkerish. I dismissed their comments because underage looking streetwalkers are unicorns in suburban Connecticut.

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