Free Clothes at American Apparel

April 01, 2011

Use code APRIL1st for up to five free items (complete list of items here, you may need to go through here to see the discount), $10 minimum purchase required. Shipping is $5 plus any applicable sales tax.

Not a joke, as far as I am concerned. I placed an order already and got the confirmation. 

The "free" stuff may not be of the greatest quality but they might be great for the summer.

Interlock Pencil Skirt - free

Satin Charmeuse Roller Short - free

Circle Vest - free

Sheer Luxe Pin Dots Shapes Pantyhose - free
To make the $10 minimum purchase, you may consider these fillers.

Interlock High-Waisted Skirt - on sale for $3.40, buy three to make the $10 minimum.
Unisex Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Leisure Shirt - $1.60 (XXS available!)
Polyester Micro-Fiber Ripper Skirt - $12

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