Corso Como Delicious Pumps in Red Patent - $58.03 + Shipping

April 17, 2011

I thought I'd share this deal because I love my Corso Como Delicious Pumps in Beige Patent and couldn't wait to get my second pair. They are currently full price on Nordstrom's but I found them on sale at 6PM. While both of my sizes (I am in between sizes) were sold out on 6PM, the nice CS representatives at Nordstrom's were willing to price match in my size too.

You can price match using online chat or call their customer service line.

Only the Red Patent can be price matched but if you find a willing SA (it's rather hit or miss with Nordstrom's, some SA's are willing to price match regardless of color) you might be able to get a price match on other colors as well.
With shipping my order was only $66. With a gift card the deal is even sweeter.

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