Ann Taylor The Dress Event (30% Off) + 20% off Full-Price Merchandise

April 12, 2011

It is warming up, however subtly and gradually, here in Connecticut and there is nothing like nice weather to trigger that dress-buying itch.

Ann Taylor is having a decent sale on their Spring dresses, 30% off plus free shipping on full-price dresses. This offer can be stacked with the 20% off Full-Price purchase code 10000000511 (order must be $100 and more for the code to be applied).

The two discounts amount to about 44% off which isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things but the smallest sizes seem to sell out online at an incredible pace so if you love something, now's a good enough time to take the plunge.

I ordered the Petite Yvonne Tweed Sheath Dress which retails for $148 but after the discounts was only $82.88.
Petite Silk Faded Floral Print Sheath - $198, $110.88 after discount.
Petite Silk Floral Print Sheath - $198, $110.88 after discount.
Petite Zip Front Sheath Dress - $138, $77.28 after discount

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