YESSTYLE Part I : stamgirl Contrast-Trim Peplum Tweed Dress

March 30, 2011

I have been fascinated by YesStyle after seeing the products they carried on several petites (among them Sophia, and Jean) and while not all experiences are positive I just had to try for myself. So nearly a month ago I placed an order for two blouses and a dress.

How do you say no to tweed + peplum + dress? I just couldn't look away from this dress and it was the last one left so it made the cut.

I used EXTRAPETITE for $5 off. The code is courtesy of Jean of Extra Petite.

Cute, right?

The length on me is slightly less forgiving but I love everything about it. This dress will be making an appearance come a chillier Spring day.
Funny thing about this dress is how inflexible it is below the waist. My hips were too wide for the dress to pull over so I had to shimmy into it from the top. And taking it off took five grueling minutes and I even had to remove some undergarments since the dress couldn't be removed otherwise.

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