Tory Burch Private Sale

March 25, 2011

Private Sale Link Here. Not an affiliate link or anything, just an entry point. You do have to provide your email address to Tory Burch but I suppose you can also enter a fake one as well if you just want to browse.
There are lots of RTW on sale but I don't really need anything even though the discount is decent.

Camo Reva Ballet Flat...was $225, now $94.
 Metallic Amerlia Ballet Flat, was $295, now $98.
 Printed Logo Rain Boot...was $150, now $58.
 Aqua Ballet Flat...I don't really "do" neon but some people can pull it off. Was $125, now $48.
 Ann Marie Ballet Flat...was $225, now $90.
 Buckle Rain Boot...was $225, now $68 (would've gotten this but not available in my size anymore...only sizes 5, 6, 9 and 10 remain).

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  1. Oh you're bad, Elle! I am tempted by some of the TB footwear, but do you have any idea on sizing? I'd read conflicting reports on the TB flats running TTS to needing to go up 1/2 size. I should probably run to Bloomies or Nordstroms to find out, but I don't have time yet!

  2. eek, TB sizing is so inconsistent imo. I have ordered them a few times but had to return bc the fit is way off even though i tried both my smaller and my larger sizes. I think I am just not used to flats...they hurt my feet because my feet are pretty wide.

    Extra Petite ( has them and it takes time to break in (sigh, wish I had the patience). I can't find the link where she discusses fit...

  3. I really want the buckle rain boots and I'm a 6! is it meant to be? lol let's see if my wallet agrees >.< I dunno if I can manage two big purchases in a wk....

  4. Elle - thanks! I dug around EP's site and found some info on the TB's - guess the flats are TTS? I'm with you though, my feet are borderline wide and it seems outrageuous about spending a lot of time to break a pair of shoes in, especially ones that are pricey!

  5. If Revas aren't so painful (or so I've heard), I'd be all over those camos in a heartbeat!

    PS - Went to H&M today and couldn't find any of those dresses :( Will have to try another location this weekend. But I did pick up a pink ring like the F21 one you graciously offered to buy for me awhile back!

  6. noooo i read ur post too late all the pretty stuff are gone! :(

    i have a pair of revas...i think it depends on the material...some break in easier than others, and mine still are not broken in after 4 years >.<

    also i think i'm just not used to wearing flats..



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