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Sartorial Bucket List # 12.2 : (DIY) Scalloped Skirt

Over the weekend I decided to engage in a craft project. Now, I should say that chances are your attempts will turn out miles better than mine because I am (not even being modest about this) one of the least domestic/sewing oriented/DIY type of person.

I followed the tutorial posted by Here's looking at me kid, which is a no-sew recipe intended for sewing know-nones like me.

The only modification I made to the instructions was that I traced the outline of the hem on cardboard before I drew it on the skirt. I  knew I wouldn't be able to replicate half circles in a straight line so that's the precaution I took to ensure that the hem isn't sloped.

As you can see, the scallops are far from perfect. I am not the greatest "cutter" so the scallops are a bit wonky. It doesn't look terrible from afar and thankfully I used a skirt that I haven't worn in ages because it was too long for me.


  1. Very cute, Elle! did you sew the bottom?

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  2. I'm bad at sewing too...haha, I would have done the same thing to create the scallops. :) Looks good!

  3. wow, this is a great DIY project and i like the scalloped hem!

    cute & little

  4. Well remember there is always the first time for everyone and everything ;) You will be more experienced as you practice.

  5. omg you are so awesome!! I wouldn't be able to do this. I have such a shaky hand when it comes to cutting out details like this.. LOL Great job!

  6. So cute! Did the fray check at the scallops work out well? Will we have a future DIY maven in our midst? :)

  7. The after skirt looks so much better! Nice choice in using a polka dot print for a scalloped edge. You could even make it look like your ASOS red scallop skirt and layer more of them together! Or it might be too tricky because of the polka dotted print. Nevertheless, can't wait to see it styled with your taste!

  8. How cool! The results are amazing! Super cute and of course love the fabric:D

  9. Great job, Elle! The polka dot print is perfect for such a cute skirt. To think now you have 2 scalloped skirts on your hands. What F21 skirt? :)

  10. Mae Lu - I didn't sew the bottom, I only applied fray check which actually worked! :)

    Cee - lol I still want it but the XS isn't available anymore which is what inspired the DIY!

    SPG - Yes it did! lol I hardly think that's a possibility, i look to you for inspiration though!

  11. omg your DIY scalloped edge for this skirt is SO cute.. way better then how it originally looked.. it was too long and a bit matronly!

    you are the sweetest elle thank you for you sweet comments :)


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