Petite Fashion Challenge #6 : “Dress Up Your Basics”

March 24, 2011

Jess of Stylepint is the host of this month's Petite Fashion Challenge and she has challenged us to add our own flair to a basic jeans + tee combo.

I am normally not a tee + jeans type of girl since I feel more at ease climbing up and down in a short skirt (and flashing innocent bystanders along my way) but (in Barney Stinson fashion) challenge accepted!

This is what I started off with: a white tank and skinny jeans

Add my favorite color pink!

Lacey vest for that feminine touch.

And tall heels for height

Belt it to create shape (at least an illusion of one).


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  1. You know, I don't believe I've ever seen you in blue jeans. So I was super curious how you were going to tackle this challenge. I love the end result! It is still so you but with a nice twist. Great job, Elle!

  2. I agree with Cee...don't think that I have seen you in jeans!

    I love this soft!!

  3. Great layering! I agree with both ladies above ... I've always seen you in pants, skirts, and dresses.. not blue jeans though! How refreshing :D

  4. @Cee - I think you're right...I don't ever recall seeing Elle in jeans!

    @Elle - True to your style, I like how you used jeans almost like leggings, and then styled your top like a dress!

  5. elle-- you look great in a tank and jeans because you have such a nice fit body. i think the outfit would have been just as nice with just the heels. but your end result is really cute and girly though. i love the layering.

  6. lacey vest! I totally want one now, after seeing this outfit and banhanna's. I love how you stuck to your style....cause it still has that dreamy dancer/ballerina vibe :)

  7. Elle, you always make me smile with your penchant for feminine things like the lace vest and tulle skirts. Way to turn this outfit into something that's truly you! =)

  8. I was thinking to myself today. I wonder if anyone would wear a dress w/their outfit. Leave it to you to make this ensemble unique.

  9. I wanted to layer for my outfit but couldn't figure out how to without looking ridiculously swamped by clothing. But you pulled it off! One of the more unique looks in this PFC and I can see your style in the outfit :)

  10. Elle, so totally you! Pretty soft layers everywhere I love it!

  11. Layering genius!

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  12. I like the way you showing your dressing progress. Nice outfit.

  13. i love the romantic draping layers and your nude pumps and how you tied it all together with a belt. alas i haven't been able to comment recently but i always enjoy your outfits elle :)

  14. Angie - thank you. :) I know you are busy so just happy you stopped by. :D

    Victoria - thank you!

    Mae Lu - lol you flatter me...I wish!

    Elaine - you know me!

    Liane - haha layering for me is typically hit or miss, I originally had more layers on but I removed those because it just got too busy!

  15. Cee - lol in the very beginning of this blog I did but I don't even think I can find those posts anymore. :)

    Michelle - haha lol I love skirts!

    Jessy - :) jeans are just not very me, I feel too restricted in them! :)

    Kelly - thank you, coming from a styling pro it's so flattering!

    Ping - lol thank you. :) sad you didn't participate :(

    Olyvia - where'd you go! I have been meaning to ask what happened...I miss your incredible posts! ;(

    Jess - thank you again for hosting this, you did it beautifully and in such an organized way!

    Aubrey - you know it, I'd never pass up the chance to sneak a dress in there!

  16. Very pretty and feminine, Elle. You softened the tee and jeans look quite a lot by adding lace and soft pink color. Love it!

  17. Beautiful job Elle, you're always so unique!

  18. Every time I see your pumps I go to the website to drool over it. I don't know WHY I haven't pulled the trigger yet. I do really need a pair. You stayed true to your feminine style, I loved that you added another layer of pink to support the dark purple LACE (which I love by the way) vest.

  19. That vest is too cute belted!

  20. I love it! I am going to bookmark this for a future style idea :)


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