OOTD: Wool Pants + Ruffles

March 07, 2011

I am officially a pants convert, I can't remember why I ever detested wearing pants. It's a little sad that it'll soon be too warm for these pants. 

Top: Crewcuts Girls' Silk Snapdragon Top
Cardigan: LOFT Ruffle Front Cardigan
Pants: LOFT Petite Equestrian Wool Lean Trousers
Coat: BB Dakota Fini Salt and Pepper Tweed Coat

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  1. I don't know either!...They look great on you....but then again...so do skirt and dresses so you can pretty much go either way really ;)

  2. Gorgeous outfit - so casual and appropriate!

  3. I guess its harder to find pants for petites? But it looks great on you...at least you have a couple of more weeks to wear them!

  4. I saw this same pair for about $7 dollars at my Loft but I didn't get it since I wasn't sure on how I would wash them. I think I will have the love pick it up for me! Btw, it's so nice to see another petite girl who has calve muscles! I feel so masculine with mine!

  5. Umm... did we just switch places?! Because I was just thinking how much I've enjoyed wearing skirts/dresses lately! No worries, you can probably still wear pants in the summer time... unless your office is super warm.

  6. You look great in pants! But if I had legs like yours I would probably always wear skirts and dresses too ;)

  7. Cropped pants are the way to go! Those are the only kind I have worn to work this school-year. They are best with heels! :)

    I love that you have found a love for pants! Although skirts and dresses are my favorite, it is nice to throw in some pants once a week! :)

  8. Um, I love pants! Try riding the subway in a skirt during the summer....gross...needless to say, you look adorable here. Yay for pants!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  9. I am a big fan of pants because I wear them 99% of the time. It is just so easy to walk and move around in my opinion. What a nice surprise to see you wearing pants :)

  10. Nelah - I don't know why I ever dislike them, I think it's just really easy to make me look stumpy in pants. :)

    Mimi - agreed. That's why I stand most of the time bc I am often wearing skirts.

    Michelle - yes yes. I never thought pants (Especially crop cuts) would be figure flattering for me but I don't think they look too bad anymore. :)

    Elaine - lol, you are too sweet.

    Cee - we most definitely did! I have to say you and Callandra inspired me the most in trying pants!

  11. Callandra - thank you, you are so incredibly sweet. I am light years away from looking as good in pants as you do!

    Aney - thank you! :)

    Jarucha - I think it's difficult to find pants for petites who are a bit stock like me. A lot of other short ladies look great in pants! For me it's slightly harder but I am trying. :)

    Curvy Petite - oh man. everyone's finding better and better deals...it's such a wonder that LOFT doesn't price uniformly!

  12. I love the outfit, seems a bit bunchy, but it's pretty cute. Especially the cardigan.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  13. I've been wearing pants lately too! Just too cold outside to venture into the dress and skirts. Love the ruffle cardigan with those cropped pants. Heehee, I'm totally digging the butterfly watermark too! Duh nuh nah nuh nah nuh nah Butterfly Woman! Fashion blogger to the rescue. =0D

  14. Banhannas - haha I need to change my blog name to butterfly women: fashion blogger. lol

    Mae Lu - hehe it's true. :) good eye good eye

  15. Elle- you know I am not a big fan of pants but I do love these Equestrian pants on you! :D


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