Is It Christmas Time?

March 23, 2011

Aside from the 5-8 inches of snow we are expecting tonight here in Southwestern Connecticut, I came home to not one, not two, not three, not four but FIVE packages. I'll digest three of the packages at a later date but two of the packages I received today came from my favorite petite bloggers. Really, I don't know what to say other than, THANK YOU. Thank you!

The first one I noticed because it was international and I imagine was VERY expensive to mail. I mean, this thing must have weighed as much as my left leg. Regardless, the name on the packaging gave away the identity of the sender. Sweet Jessy of The Little Dust Princess.

She sent a lot more stuff than pictured here but I ate all the edible ones because that's just who I am. Thank you Jessy, really, you didn't have to but I really appreciate it. 

OMG It's Hello Kitty!!!!
And I saved the other one for last because I sort of had a hunch whom it came from. Jean dropped me a message the other day hinting that something lacey was coming my way but I had no idea it would be so pretty. 

Isn't this the prettiest shade of pink ever?
I am fairly sure she is psychic because I really (secretly) wanted a pair of peachy pink shorts for the summer and I guess Jean (or should I call her Santa Claus) must have heard my prayer last night.

Fits perfectly. I love it!
Thank you again Jean and Jessy. I don't know how to reciprocate your generosity but I'll figure out a way somehow.

Who needs Santa Claus when you have petite blogger friends?

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  1. awww, how nice and thoughtful of Jean and Jessy :D. Too cute for words.

  2. very cute! I love your pumps that you're wearing with it!!

  3. I'm trying to figure out what the round Hello Kitty thing is? Both bloggers are very nice! Love getting stuff in the mail...I get all excited and giddy.

  4. i love hello kitty sooo cute!!! Love yoour shorts! It has such a great colour!!

    jos xx

  5. Yay for surprise packages! Adorable items too!

  6. swanprincess - they are incredibly INCREDIBLY sweet. I feel so blessed to have them as friends. :)

    N - thanks! They are my new favorite Corso Como! Incredibly comfortable as well!

    Jarucha - it's a mug! :) isn't that that cutest thing ever? :)

    Jos XX - thank you! I love HK too!

    EoS - surprise packages are the best!

  7. Aww I love the lace shorts! May I ask what brand are they? :)

  8. Sunshine, they are F21! :)

  9. You must be a good soul! You deserve something spontaneous like that! :)

  10. wow i really like the shorts!!!

  11. Awww it is a Hello Kitty mug? SO CUTE. Jean has excellent taste and knows you very well! It seems to have a nice fit and the high waisted style looks like the shorts will be a classic piece. I like it how you paired it with a white blazer, you look so pretty!

  12. How sweet is that?!....So thoughtful ;)

  13. love the short elle. how sweet of jean!

  14. You're very welcome and there is really NO need to reciprocate! My gesture was the reciprocation, Elle!! Glad you enjoyed the snacks. The shorts from Jean are really pretty! They totally match you.

  15. Aww Elle I am so thrilled that you like them. I immediately thought of you when I stumbled across them, and if they were any smaller I would've had a tough time letting them go. You paired them exactly how I would evision it! It's totally sad I know what every piece is...white blazer from the Ann Taylor sale and Corso Como delicious nude! i also love the Hello Kitty gadget from Jessy...oh okay I see in the comments it's mug now. Love it!


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