H&M Spring Dress Collection Part I

March 24, 2011

I went a little crazy and got a bunch of lovely (imo anyway) but rather impractical dresses from H&M's Spring collection.
The first dress is from H&M's 2011 By Night Collection. It has layered scallop hem and a weird little one-shoulder thing. Boyfriend highly disapproved of this one and while I agree that it's incredibly dramatic, it sure looks good hanging in my closet.

The size four fits me pretty well but it's tight across my lower bust/upper ribcage area, for this to fit comfortably I would have to wear a backless bra.
 This next one is pretty much my new favorite dress, isn't the draping simply gorgeous?
The size four actually fits me loosely and I can see myself going down a size without too much trouble so this dress runs slightly larger than you'd expect.

Part 2 coming soon. I have to go work on my PFC#6 post...I can't believe I am doing the post on the day of the challenge!

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  1. The first one is gorgeous.
    I will buy it I think ;)

  2. Both dresses are lovely, Elle. They are totally your style. My favorite is actually the first one. I am looking forward to see your outfit tonight. Have a great day!

  3. Both are beautiful! I adore the nude tones and loving the first one especially!

  4. Oh Elle I don't know how you do it, but you always look fabulous in these beautiful dresses.

  5. "it sure looks good hanging in my closet." HAHA! Oh Elle I love how you think! The drama of the first dress will come in handy for some event I'm sure. Rather than looking like some sad wallflower in a boring 'ol dress you'll be the belle of the ball :)

    The second is so sweet and romantic.. I want one! I like the "x" it makes b/c of the sheerness.

  6. Hi Elle. I am new to blogging so I thought I'd stop by to introduce myself. Love those shoes! Where are they from?


  7. elle-- i love the 2nd dress on you. its so romantic and pretty. i saw it in the store and thought about trying it on and then i said to myself, where am i going to wear this to...and then put I it back on the rack. lol

  8. I love the second dress. It does drape so beautifully. That bow is also part of the dress, right? It's pretty! Nice buys!

  9. very you!

    i like the new spot for pics.

  10. oh crap. That's today, isn't it? For some reason I was thinking it was March 28th. My fiance is away at a work conference, so I have no photographer. Looks like I will either have to forfeit this challenge or learn to use my self timer on my digital video camera that also takes stills.

  11. Elle, don't be mad if I go to H&M this weekend and buy these exact dresses! This is just my cup of tea, especially the second one.

  12. I'm loving the second one Elle!!

  13. I love the scalloped dress, but I'm not a fan of the top part! If only it was just the skirt!! *drools*


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