Gilly Hicks Bra & Panties Review

March 22, 2011

Gilly Hicks had a pretty spectacular sale last week which I took advantage of. My order is rather disappointing but I'll be giving these bras and panties some serious wear (and wash) so I'll be updating this post with my findings.
Maya shorts - were on sale for 5/$25, now on further sale ($2.90 ea.). Pictured below is a comparison shot of the small (black) vs. the x-small (pink).
Here is a comparison view of a pair of Vicoria's Secret (XS) panties, Gilly Hicks panties in XS and Hanky Panky thongs which is OSFM.
And  here are the Abby bras (on sale for $15) in 32B (nude) and 32C (pink). I keep hearing that Gilly Hicks is a petite friendly brand but while the cups are smaller in comparison to mainstream brands the bra cups are rather far apart which I am not a fan of.
And the Nicole bras ($39.50 each or 2 for $40), which I was most excited about. I ordered in a rainbow of colors but am disappointed to find that the metal clasps in the front are quite protrusive and could potentially be irritating for my skin.
Compared with unpadded Victoria's Secret bra in 34B, padded VS bra in 34B. The cups are again smaller but the VS bras have cups that are closer which I prefer.
I'm keeping these because I don't return undergarments unless there are manufacturing defects (I hope others do the same) but I believe Gilly Hicks offers a pretty comprehensive return and exchange options.

Has anyone else tried Gilly Hicks but had a difference experience?

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  1. Are you as brave as Jess (Style Pint) to model these? ; ) LOL Totally kidding! I really love the panties you bought! They're so pretty.. I would've thought they were from VS!

  2. I haven't tried Gilly Hicks but it looks like they have some cute options for good prices! I have to admit that I'm a bit of a bore when it comes to undergarments - I heart racerback bras bc the straps don't fall down and my go-to color is Nude LOL.

  3. Never heard of this brand...but I like my undergarments without lace...I have been only been buying Gap stuff. Don't shop at VS.

  4. Love the color choices!

    I have not tried Gilly Hicks! Nor heard of it...but my bra and panty line knowledge is slim. :p

    I really need more bras! It is on my mental shopping list, but have not gotten around to it.

  5. Love all the things you bought! Especially the panties!! I seriously need more bras!! Who doesn't lol?

    jos xx

  6. Given the type of strap shown on the pictures as well as in store, I'm under the impression that they don't hold well for ladies with bigger breasts.

    Do tell us your opinions because it seems you are quite blessed in that area as well.

  7. I own 2 panties from gilly hicks. my reaction: meh.

    I like honeydew, but haven't been able to find a good sale for Hanky Pankies. Even on sale sites.

  8. Such colorful undergarments you picked up, like a Skittles rainbow :) Now that I've discovered aerie for bras and undies, I'm not willing to try any other brand. Seriously the most comfortable brand I've ever tried. But... it has more of a cutesy look than sexy, but that fits me just fine!

  9. I have not heard of this brand Elle, but I really appreciate the review. I can't stand the cup sizes to run small because they're always so uncomfortable on me that love the colors though ;)

  10. Oh man, can't believe they were supposed to be petite friendly! From all of the TLBC bra reviews the cups look way too far apart for any help with the girls. Victoria's Secret isn't too bad for me, the 30B works out really nicely for me. Plus, their Semi Annual Sale time I always stock up and grab really nice deals.


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