Forever 21 New Arrivals on Sale

March 16, 2011

I am posting this warning before these posts in the future because I am really annoying. OK, I love a great deal as much as the next girl but please think of at least five occasions to which you can wear this item. I have too many one-wear or no-wear pieces in my closet and while they were had at excellent prices, it's not worth it. Think about it, if you buy 30 cheap pieces @ $10 a piece from F21 every month, in a year you have spent $3600 on some cheap clothes that you've worn only a handful of times. If you invest that money with a 5% annual return rate, in 20 years you'll have $9,551.87. I know we have to account for inflation, but can you imagine spending almost 10 grand a year at Forever 21?!

I don't know if this is common knowledge but I noticed that a few items on Forever 21's New Arrivals page will be marked down some 75% (different things every day). I am assuming it's not a huge deal and that I am only discovering it now because I don't visit Forever 21 very often.

I didn't get any of these because I very recently placed an order (which I am beating myself up about), but I was definitely tempted. Here are four things I would've gotten but didn't because truthfully, no one needs to order from F21 every other week.

Pinstripe Woven Shorts - was $16.99, now $4.99

Chambray Woven Skirt - was $22.80, now $6.99

Matelot Woven Shorts - was $18.99, now $4.99

Five Button Jacket - was $37.80, now $12.99

The only thing from my order that is still on the website is this Tiered Scallop Edge Skirt.

Cee and Sydney both told me about the skirt so both of them deserve credit if this skirt turns out to be a win. Look how pretty it is styled on the model!

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  1. ugh i love! floral, scallops, peach. I'm sprung in spring

  2. great finds!! i'm really loving that scalloped skirt and can't wait to see how it looks on you!

    cute & little

  3. Oh that skirt is so pretty and so you!!!

  4. The skirt does look very pretty!! Can't wait to see you wear it in your style!

  5. I love that scalloped skirt and the way it was styled on the model look great! I think it will look really cute if it was a little shorter though! But I definitely think it's an amazing buy! xoxoxoo

  6. Hi scallop skirt queen, I hope the F21 version works out for you! *crossing my fingers* I was just at their site ready to check out only to see that a dress in my cart was sold out. So I X-ed out the browser instead. Maybe I'll have better luck in stores.

  7. I do like the way they styled that skirt on the model, it's so ladylike. I am anxious to see how it fits you coming from their love 21 line since it tends to run slightly large.

  8. That scalloped skirt is so pretty!

  9. I have a love-hate relationship with F21. But the items look very cute.

  10. In the ad, they said "camel tones", but I read "camel toes" at first glance. LMAO

    Anyway, thanks for the blurb at the beginning! I've already boycotted Forever 21 .. I hate the stores. Always so unorganized and hectic. I'd rather invest all the money I *would be* spending at Forever 21 in a better quality piece that I'd be wearing for a long time.

    I've been waiting for the scalloped items to hit H&M stores .. can't wait :D And can't wait to see you in that F21 one!

  11. I am so excited to see the skirt on you! I love how the model is wearing it-so dainty and feminine:D

  12. i heart the layered scalloped edge skirt.. i'm obsessed with all things scalloped edge lately!

  13. I can't wait for your review of the skirt - color is perfect for you....I still haven't taken the plunge on the dress - trying to hold some restraint since I'm on a shopping ban.


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