BHLDN : If I Were A Rich (Wo)Man

March 09, 2011

I have held off on writing this post for weeks now, but I really can't resist all the pretties.

All the pictures posted here are borrowed from BHLDN. 

My favorite is this Filigree Cupcake Dress...but I really don't have a grand to blow so will just be admiring it from afar.
Runner up on my list of things-to-buy-if-i-win-the-lottery is this Cascading Goddess Gown, but at $1,600 I will just admire it as well.
I would say the most affordable thing on there is lingerie. The Knotted Gamine Bra is $58 and the matching thong is $38.
This pair of Mixed Posy Wedge is pretty amazing too, wouldn't you say? Luckily I don't wear low-heeled shoes otherwise I would be even more tempted to buy it.
The real killers are the "cover-ups." I want all of them...$220 for the Primrose Bolero? I think I can't resist...yet.
I love the Languid Bow Headband in concept...isn't it perfect for me, because I don't show my face on this blog?
The Mystic Vine Hairpin must be the prettiest thing ever...but 560 for this little thing?!
Sorry for inflicting on you all the pain of really pretty but very expensive wedding things. A girl can dream, right?

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  1. The first dress is gorgeous!!

  2. omg, so many lovelies!! it is a good thing the Mixed Posy Wedges are low heel. otherwise i would be considering getting those myself!

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  3. I met a girl (bf's friend) who works at BHLDN in Philly..I'm so jealous! She's a graphic designer and gets to do all these fun things and preview all their collections (and oh yea, get a company discount).

  4. Oh so pretty, I want them all!! That first dress is so adorable.

  5. Heyy...I have nominated you for the Versatility Blogger Award - please check out my blog for more information!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  6. wow i have never heard of this brand before. such pretty things but at such steep prices :(
    the lingerie is the only i could afford. its kinda cheap compared to their other stuff.
    i love the gown, it would make a pretty wedding dress!

  7. lol...i know random comment about wedding's because all my friends are getting married.

  8. Ah, so, so pretty!!!! I'm such a sucker for this nude/blush colour and all the girly details.

  9. All this wedding talk is making me want to have another wedding! I had so so much fun planning and looking and trying on all the beautiful dresses. The prices are disheartening with an every day budget. Wedding budgets, on the other hand, are AWESOME!

    Never too early to start planning...hehe...just saying!

  10. heheh the mask is definitely suitable for you, Elle. ; ) I'm liking all the nudish colours!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  11. Jessy - lol I need to invest in some face obscuring accessories!

    Petite Mom - you and I should join forces and open a wedding planning place, then we can plan all day long!

    Elaine - haha I love them too...sigh...wish I can have them all!

    lady_flower123 - I completely agree.

    Kileen - we shorties love tall shoes! :)

    PAG - can that girl's job be any more amazing? Maybe we should befriend her and get the discount aka "friend of the employee" :)

  12. Ping - haha does that make you want to get hitched? If you are getting married I volunteer myself for a spot on your dress selection committee!

    Nelah - haha I wish I can have them all too!

    H Rija - thank you, I am so flattered!

  13. Never heard of this brand....their things are so delicate and pretty. Ha - you do need a prett mask....but at a more affordable price.

  14. They had some really gorgeous thing on their website...I really love a lot of the shoes, but definitely could never afford any of it!

  15. I've never heard of BHLDN before so I had to Google it :) Those pieces are beautiful. I can totally see you wearing these beauties. They're definitely not me but they're lovely to look at.

  16. Wahhh, the pictures look so much better here than on BHLDN's site! I've now moved them up to be on par with Vera Wang x David's Bridal. I don't plan on having a wedding (aka just traipsing off to the nearest courthouse so these dresses would seem a tad over-the-top lol) but can NOT wait until you and Hanna get married to see pics of your gorgeous dresses!

  17. Oh! Very pretty!

    That hairpin is perfect for you! :p

  18. ohh i'm loving beholden's new line too!! love your picks!

    u know u can make the birdcage veil friend did for her wedding!!

  19. Such pretty eye candy!!!

    Do you think you'd try to get one via Etsy's alchemy feature? I know the last dress you got was oh so gorgeous.

  20. Oh Elle, I was totally dreaming about the cupcake dress too! So vintage looking..what is it like 50's inspired? I'm actually quite pleased with the pricing since Anthro is known for their high priced items, I was expecting a lot higher for some reason. I read on a Anthroholic's post that there was this gorgeous shoe that was totally unique, only 30 pairs were made! WHOAH.

    So when are we going to share wedding files. Let's compare the sizes! <3

    @Cee Even when you are prancing with your beau to the courthouse I bet you still look refined and chic!

  21. The Languid Bow headband is really cool.


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