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BB Dakota Sale on Reverse (sister site of Revolve)

March 08, 2011

BB Dakota is a petite favorite and while it is hit-or-miss on many occasions, I thought I'd share this sale because it features one of my new favorite coats.

I wore the Jack By BB Dakota Fini Salt & Pepper Tweed Coat in Black in yesterday's outfit, and while I wouldn't recommend it to tiny-shouldered petites, if you are of an average build like me it doesn't look too bad.

Best part of all, I noticed that it *almost* perfectly matches the LOFT Petite Equestrian Wool Lean Trousers (but the materials are different so there is some difference up close but from afar they look like a set!).

Originally priced at $90, it sold out at $63 on Revolve but is only $40 (!!!) on Reverse.

Reverse is "invite-only" but you'll find referral links everywhere. If you need one, here's mine. I get a "coupon" for referring a friend who purchases but that's it.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know. I've never heard of this site before. I just signed up through your link. Looks like it has some great items. I am going to check it out. Have a great day, Elle!

  2. Thanks for the heads up - what do you think of BB Dakota sizing? I like a lot of their stuff but never bit on anything before.

  3. I love that coat! If it weren't for UK customs and handling fees, I'd be seriously tempted to order it myself. Looks like you got a great deal!

  4. Sydney - I hope you find something you like! I like Revolve but the prices can sometimes be a distraction which is why I love Reverse!

    Lisa - BB Dakota sizing is a bit off...most things run small while others are run-of-the-mill vanity sized. I think the material has a lot to do with how things fit. If you are interested in something let me know, maybe I'll have something with similar material content. :)

  5. En Bouton - it's rather cute and I think it'd be perfect on you. BOO on excessive handling costs + whatnot. If you really want to get it I'd be more than happy to forward it to you. :)

  6. I've been subscribed to reverse and revolve for a while but it seems so overwhleming to me! I recently just found out they ship to Canada LOL I always assume that most sites don't.

  7. Ooh! Thanks, Elle!

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  8. oh cool! i wasn't aware of Reverse but am signing up now!

    cute and little

  9. I think this model is Ali from the City! she also models for f21 too.

  10. You really know where all of the good clothing sites are! I could've sworn this coat looked similar to Sydney's last post but it does have some variances. Oh boy I love this type of season where all of the winter stuff goes on sale. MUHAHA must stock up for next year's winter!

  11. elle- i love this jacket! i love that its kinda of masculine, but fitted at the sametime.

    aubrey-- i was wondering why she looked so familar! i remember seeing her on f21 too!

  12. Ping - me too! It's too big for you though for sure... :( It's a bit loose on me so I can imagine you swimming in it.

    Hanna - lol I shop too much. :) I plan to do the same with coats this year...don't fight me for it!

    Aubrey - yes it is! :) I recently noticed her on F21 too!

    Kileen - hope you'll find things you like! Their sales can be appealing!

    Mae Lu - no problem you enable me all the time so I thought I'd return the favor. :)

    Elaine - I didn't notice their int'l postage rate, is it reasonable? :)

  13. omggg I love the jacket...great find/purchase! And awesome deal!!!!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  14. elle-- i was thinking about buying and was scared it might be too big. thanks for letting me know. remember those pants that i got from amazon? i put it in the dryer and it shrank so much! the length is now like high waters on! i wear them with boots to cover up the fact that they're too short.

  15. Oh sooo pretty! I just did a post on my first 2 BB Dakota purchases and loved them both!! :D


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