BB Dakota James Tulle Skirt aka Pas de Trois Skirt

March 16, 2011

I bought this skirt from High Gloss Fashion a few weeks ago (site review here) and decided to do a Wear It Five Ways post because I am obsessed about tulle skirts. But the plan didn't work out because I got busy with work and boyfriend visits. Alas, I thought I'd post about this skirt anyway and maybe wear it five ways another day.


I think everyone should have one tulle skirt in their closet, regardless of your age, profession or style. I find tulle skirts to be one of the most versatile pieces and can be part of every healthy diet a closet staple. 


I think you can wear this a million different ways, but this is how I would wear it.

If you have really outlandish ideas for how to wear this, please leave a comment below. I am always eager to try new ideas with my (six) tulle skirts.  

High Gloss Fashion is currently offering 20% off all purchases and they recently updated their sale section, use code MADNESS20. Shipping is a flat $5 to the 48 contiguous states.

Disclaimer: I bought the skirt myself, the discount code is provided by High Gloss Fashion. 

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  1. I think the AT ruffle top would work with this skirt...or if you want to add a bit of edge, a chic motocycle jacket. A tailored blazer would be nice too. And I love the pics on the sofa...haha, I don't own a tulle skirt but now I might just have to... :)

  2. You're adorable, Elle. I do not own a single tulle skirt. For someone who would know how to style this type of skirt, that would be you :)

  3. Sooo pretty! The Hello Kitty face totally suits the outfit. ; ) You're a Hello Kitty fan, right?

  4. Oh such a cute skirt! And I love how you're modeling this on the couch - it gives it such a fun, whimsical feel! I'm not sure how to style it bc I would turn to you for the styling tips :)

  5. How did you know I was going to request a Hello Kitty face? =0P You read my mind, haha!

    Tulle is ageless! I liked how you dressed it up here but would love to see it lounged about. Perhaps peeking underneath an oversized sweater? Or underneath a comfy cardigan?

  6. i love your outfit!!! i really heart that you put a hello kitty on your face hahaha

    don't worry tulle is SO in right now.. haha everywhere i turn everything is ballerina inspired~!

    i think a simple black t-shirt tucked in and black lacy tights would be so cute with this and some pumps!

  7. i'm in love with your tulle skirt and the hello kitty face is perfect with it! i actually need to find a good tulle skirt for myself!

    cute & little

  8. elle-- i love this girly outfit. the pink tulle skirt and the lace top is such a perfect combo! i do agree you can wear it a million way and it's also a great layering piece. FP had a lot of it last season (I think), but i didn't pick any up :(

  9. You look so youthful and dainty in it ^^ I love this skirt!

  10. Very interesting idea, it looks cool.


  11. Hello, little ballerina.

    Why don't you join our party?

    I want to be a little magical cat who smiles really big and says that to you. ^_^

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  12. You are so awesome Elle! You make me smile! And I do have one tulle skirt from F21 which is now in my blog sale pile..wore it once :D

  13. So cute, Elle! A lace top is definitely how I would wear the skirt. I think the black H&M lace top that you have would look great too. Black and pink are a ballet staple :)

  14. SIX tulle skirts? LOL! I LOVE this skirt, it's so pretty, and girly, and everything right.

    Oh I forgot to comment earlier about how much I like your new header :)

  15. Very cute skirt... reminds me of the kind of girly & feminine outfits I wish I had when I was younger. I think I may be getting too old to wear tulle w/o getting ridiculed by my Mom lol... but I still want! :)

    Btw I was wondering why you are on the couch lol...


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