ASOS Petite Tailored Pencil Dress

March 27, 2011

Work appropriate sheath dresses have been on my want list for some time now and I half gave up on finding affordable and well fitted ones until Extra Petite reviewed the ASOS Petite Tailored Pencil Dress (alternate link here for colors black and blue).

More reviews for this dress can be found on the Alterations Needed Forum.

In total I ordered five dresses (I thought I ordered six for some reason but alas only five arrived) in four colors and three sizes. The "Red" is more of an orange though some have described it as coral. 

The Cherry Red which isn't available in petite sizes is more of the standard red that I would expect. Pictured below, from top to bottom is Black, Cobalt Blue, Cherry Red, and "Red" which actually looks a lot like the stock photo for Firebrick, a color offered only in regular sizes. This dress also came in a version which is described as having a "wool touch" but no petite sizes were offered so I passed.

This is a comparison photo between the Regular size 2 and Petite size 2, the camera angle skewed the proportions slightly but you can probably still tell that the difference isn't staggering. En Bouton who is 5'7 reviewed the regular US2 and it looks great on her.
The dress is lovely and classic in design but I don't love the sizing inconsistencies between colors. The Cherry Red in size Regular US2 is about an inch longer and a bit bigger all around compared to the black in Regular US2. And the "Red" in Petite US0 is actually larger in the torso (however slightly) than the Cobalt Blue in Petite US2.
I have included some modeling pictures below but the difference between the sizes isn't very obvious when worn. 

Wearing below: Black and Cobalt Blue in Petite US2
 Black Petite US2 (left) and Black Regular 2 (right)
 Cherry Red in Regular US2 (left) and Black in Regular US2 (right)
 "Red" in Petite US0.
I currently intend to keep only the cobalt blue, the black in petite sizing and the cherry red. If anyone wants to buy the "Red" in Petite US0 or the black in Regular US2 let me know before I return them.

I'd appreciate any advice or comment you can offer me in choosing which ones to keep.

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  1. the red and blue ones are my fave on you!

  2. Good comparisons. Love the blue one on you but the red one looks great with those nude pumps.

  3. I love the cherry red on you, and I vote for keeping the black as well, although it didn't work out for me. Interesting comparison photos! I can see the difference in shoulder width between regular and petites, but otherwise they look much the same, even in length. It's a shame that the sizing was inconsistent between colours, though.

  4. i love these type of dresses. the blue one is perfect on you :)

    jos xx

  5. I like blue and coral red on you Elle. It is si nice that you post pictures to compare them, make it much easier to see the differences.

  6. I agree with keeping the blue one. The color looks so gorgeous on you. Thank you for doing this review. It is very useful for those who has this dress in mind.


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