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March 04, 2011

The promotion is still going on now. Use code "ANNSTYLE" for 25% off two items or 40% off three or more items. Orders over $150 automatically receive frees ground shipping.

I narrowed down my cart to four tops (would've loved to splurge on the coat and the dress too but ultimately they are a bit impractical for me at those prices) on Tuesday and pulled the trigger. Here are my opinions of the tops I received. 

I really like the color of this top and it's an online exclusive. I am keeping this for now and waiting for the ASOS Short Sleeve Chiffon Mix Pussy Bow Blouse to arrive. The two seem too similar in color and concept to keep both.

I would have preferred this in a 00p but this color is now sold out online in that size so I am keeping the 0p. I like the color a lot and it's a color I have too few of in my closet.

The Petite Shell with Necktie and Pintucks were previously reviewed by Extra Petite and Alterations Needed.

I think the color is lovely but the fit leaves a lot to be desired. I am leaning toward keeping it because of how much it reminds me of a toned down Alexander Wang Drape Blouse.

I know someone tried this on but I am drawing a total blank, please let me know so I can link you.

I actually would've preferred the color that Sydney tried on but that was sold out in both 00P and 0P when I ordered. I think this one is a's hard to tuck in but it's an awkward length on me when tucked.

The stock photo made it seem silver but it's actually a metallic sage green.

Petite Little Girl previously reviewed this top in Retro Rogue here.

And two items pertaining to this blog:

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  1. OMG I LOVE that skirt!! Where is it from?? All the tops look super amazing on you and perfect with that skirt! Love how you took all those professional tops and made fun outfits..

  2. i love all the tops....esp the first two. i like them both and in different colors. i'm bot crazy about the last top either. it's hard to tuck in when there is a seam running across the shirt and sometimes you don't have a skirt high waisted enough to cover it...

  3. love the outfits! esp the top :) do you mind sharing where its from?

  4. Sophia - thanks for the super sweet comment, I heart that $3 TJMaxx kiddie skirt too.

    Ping - yeah, that last one was odd...I definitely can't see myself tucking it into anything. sigh. back it goes.

    grace - the tops are all from Ann Taylor and the skirt is a find from TJMaxx, $3 and from the kids section. Hope this helps.

  5. I love the skirt and the tops! Especially that first one in pink. So pretty! Loving your outfits. Must go shop Ann Taylor :). Oh and I'll be following you!

  6. I wasn't a big fan of the teal top at first but I really love it tucked in! The color is really nice on you and it looks like it can be a staple in your wardrobe.
    I love the light blue necktie more than the pink one! Sadly it does look a bit bigger on you but I think it will still look great under a blazer, tucked in, on its own. You can do a comparison of the ASOS bow ties and the Ann Taylor ones!

  7. Oy! What a lovely review! I love the shell don both ways. The 0p did look a smidgen big on you but when tucked in, it looks great none the less.

    I really like the sleeveless drape top when tucked in with the skirt. It has a feel of a duo color dress. I don't think I'm feeling it too much when un-tucked but I think that's more so because the skirt looks rather poofy.

    My sentiments echo yours on the last top. =/

  8. i love the nectie blouse. the colors are really flattering on you. i can't wait until the ASOS pussybow blouse comes in to see the comparison!

    cute and little

  9. I really like how you styled these tops. So fun! I kept trying to figure out how to wear it in a non-professional setting and I couldn't.

  10. The first two tops are sooo pretty!

  11. I like the pussybow top...the blue one is really nice...maybe you'll find it in the correct size at the store? And the drape top looks good from the front - not so much from the side. Thanks for always letting us in on your finds!

  12. I like everything but the fit on the second necktie w/pintucks blouse in 0p isn't nearly as flattering as the 00p on you. I like the drape top in dusty teal tucked in with that skirt, but I might like it untucked with a pencil skirt too.....the drape neck top in fern looks slightly awkward, but again it might look just fine with a pencil skirt ;)

  13. I'm planning my Ann Taylor trip today :) I really love the blouse in the cool aqua, I'm gonna see if I can find it at my local store! Maybe call around to some stores and see if you can locate it in the 00p? Fingers crossed!

  14. The first is the best! I love it!


  15. My favorite is the necktie shell. It looks so lovely on you. I like both colors. I just returned the drape neck top today. I was super disappointed when I tried it on.

  16. OMG I love all those blouses with the bows! Super feminine and pretty. They look great on you!

  17. You were able to get both of the AT pintuck tops in pink and teal? Darn it:( I got the river rock. I will be doing a review this week! I think you look great in the them!

  18. Wow, beautiful tops! I love the pink color so much! So delicate and romantic! The short skirt really makes the whole look perfect! xoxoxoo

  19. I like the color of the first one. I wish these came with sleeves...

  20. omg i'm seriously obsessed with the first two blouses and the skirt you're wearing with them.. so romantic and gorgeous!!

  21. I saw those on the AT site, and I think they look good on the models, but the fit seems bulky to a lot of them!

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

    PS Why haven't we link exchanged yet? LOL.

  22. I'm so late to comment, but the cool aqua popped back up in stock in 00P a while back so I managed to nab one! I'm really not a fan of the draped teal top at all.. I think the top part is pretty but the bottom seems to emphasize or create lumps and bumps even where there aren't any.


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