Almost Swimsuit Season

March 12, 2011 it's not exactly swimsuit season yet. But I am sure I am not the only one who has started dreaming about breezy summer days by the pool. 

I actually did a bit of opposite season shopping last fall and bought myself this J. Crew retro-inspired set last year. The top is the Sweet Papaya Underwire Top and the bottom is the Sweet Papaya Tie Short.

I then stumbled upon this picture of Monica Jagaciak wearing the same does one erase the image of a beautiful specimen wearing your swimsuit and not run away in shame? I kid I kid, but she does look flawless in it.

Boyfriend's remark when I showed him the picture is...why is she wearing THAT playing baseball in an abandoned lot?!

Have you started swimsuit shopping? Or are you, like me, someone who buys a new swimsuit every four years.

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  1. That suit is so cute! So that's another petite challenge especially for petites with small chests! I pretty much get string bikinis that look like normal suits on me LOL

  2. lol i love how she is playing baseball in the swimsuit...hahah you should give that a try elle :P

    i don't blame you for wanting to buy bathing suits. i been on the search as well. lol
    you never know when that 80 degree day will gotta have that bathing suit ready!

  3. I bet your bf wouldn't be saying that if you were wearing a swimsuit playing baseball in an abandoned lot. In fact, I bet he wouldn't be saying anything at all :)

    I haven't had need to use a swimsuit in what seems like forever. But I still buy whenever I see something pretty haha. I treat them like dresses: when I need it, I can never find one that works for me, so I just buy and will always be prepared when the occasion arises.

  4. I wish I had the chest to fully fill out a bikini!! LOL

  5. So adorable! I love bikini season!!! Hhehehe

  6. My, I bet it took a lot of patience to wait for the warm weather to show up! I really love the vintage, high waisted bottom. I saw something really similar at Vicky's. Sigh, wouldn't it look awesome with obnoxious, oversized, bright sunglasses?! AH.

  7. This bikini looks so adorable! I love all of the detail and the colors are so unusual for a swimsuit too.

  8. What a cute suit! The colors look it just the flash, or is yours deeper?

    I did purchase a Victoria's Secret bathing suit (I still have the links hanging out on the side of my blog). The xs bottoms fit super, super tiny! Lots of cheekage! Lol! The top is also an xs, but not as tiny, but still works!

  9. This is such a sweet suit!! Love it.

    xx Love & Aloha

  10. Lol... I love how our significant others notice the strangest things sometimes. Was going to say that I can't wait to see you in the suit, but I guess that's a little pervy hahaha... I kid, but I'm sure you look great in anything :)

  11. Ping-pls get on twitter so we can discuss skimpy bikinis. Who else is into brazilian bikinis? say aye!

  12. Designer swimsuit not only makes the wearer look stunning, but also it makes her feel special while at the beach or just having a nice tan..


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