Urban Outfitters Order + Small Tulle Skirt

February 16, 2011

I am sure some of you may remember an order I placed with Urban Outfitters about two weeks ago. I had initially placed the order because I really wanted the Kimchi Blue Scallop Skirt that Lisa blogged about but UO shipped my order but canceled the skirt. Thankfully I didn't go over the board and order too many unnecessary things.

I ordered the Pins and Needles Tulle Skirt (originally $68, on sale for $29.99) even though I already have several tulle skirts. I first saw it in the UO Holiday Catalog and then on le mode du jour. It comes in ivory (which is what I ordered, but is more pinkish in real life. I don't mind at all) and black.

The thing I wanted to mention is that this tulle skirt has an elastic band at the waist and when un-stretched the XS (what I am wearing) measures only 11 inches. So it would work for even the smallest waist-ed ladies.

I also ordered the Pins and Needles Shrunken Cardigan in ivory and pink (both in size S). These were originally $39, on sale for $11.99. I wouldn't have paid 40 dollars for them but at $12 they were quite comfortable. The cropped length is perfect for shorter girls! I like how the size S fits me.

Use LOVEUO for 20% off $50, expires 2/17. I tried looking for free shipping codes but nada.

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  1. Love the length of the skirt!

  2. Like I mentioned on a tweet, this was and still is in my shopping cart! I saw it and was in lovee. I love it with the cropped white cardigan, so artsy! It is probably good that it doesn't stretch very far so it keeps the floating material very close to the body and doesn't overwhelm the frame. I. LOVE. IT.

  3. omg i love love this tulle skirt on you.. it's like dress up.. but not so much that you look like a 6 year old playing dress up.. something about it is so magical and romantic.. it looks like the perfect date skirt!! i want it!!!!!

  4. Great deal on the cardigans!

    Very pretty skirt! I figured you would not mind if it was on the pink side! :p

    I love your Lacoste mary janes! They remind me of the Cole Haan shoes I used to wear my first years in teaching!

  5. You're wearing flats! The skirt is so you -- both the color and style. Love this on you :)

  6. Great skirt! It's actually really similar to something Keira Knightley wore a while ago that I loved - same length, same floaty goodness. =) What size did you get in the skirt, if I might ask?

  7. Oh, I love how this skirt looks so swishsy and ethereal. And the colors are so pretty, almost goddess-from Rome like. bummer about the kimchi scalloped, I really wanted to see how it looked on you.

  8. Too bad they cancelled your skirt. I love that skirt too. I agreed with Cee, this skirt is totally you!

  9. @PetiteLittleGirl I am so sooo bummed. I can't trust UO anymore!

    @Lisa I am so bummed too...I was so excited. I'll be keeping my eyes open for returns!

    @Sara K.S. Hanks I got this in a size XS, sorry I didn't mention it in the post! I am sure so that's why it's quite long on me. :)

    @Cee yes! one of few pairs I own. these are the most comfortable flats I own...they have great arch support. :)

    @Michelle hehe, you know me too well. I can't say no to pink!

    @lisa get it get it lisa. ballerina chic is totally your thing! I can just see it with your black chanel! :)

    @Banhannas we are so similar in taste at times! if you get it I expect a post devoted to it!

    @xJOLE thank you! me too. I have so few longer skirts so this fills a void! :)

  10. Thanks for the code! The skirt is awesome on you!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  11. Aww, you look like a ballerina on day off!

    so cute!



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    Twenty York Street

  12. Elle, you look very adorable in this outfit. It reminds me of those dainty female leads in korean dramas.

    You carry the mid-calf length really well. I usually find it very frumpy on me and ages me by about 10/20 years.

  13. Ooooh I love how feminine and girly it is - I'm sad they canceled the skirt on you (don't you hate when they do that???) but this was still a good find!

  14. I love that skirt! I've wanted a tulle skirt for ages but I keep telling myself I'll sew one instead of buying one, which of course I never get around to doing. Anyway, the length and the way it drapes just look great on you. It should look good with heels as well.

  15. The skirt is so feminine and pretty! I think I want it.. *oh no* Btw, your cardigan link doesn't link to the right product! : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  16. @Mimi thank you! :)

    @20 York Street that's what i was going for, thank you for getting it. :)

    @Gracie hehe it does!? i am so flattered...i love me korean dramas! i am sure mid calf looks fine on you too...everyone is way too harsh on themselves!

    @Irene yes, UO is guilty of that. They have canceled anthro orders in the past for the same reason...their stock info is way out of date!

    @En Bouton ooo sew one sew one. :) I love DIY items and it always inspires me to "want" to learn to sew

    @The Little Dust Princess ahh sorry Jessy, thank you for letting me know!


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