Saturday Shopping Trip : Forever 21 and H&M

February 13, 2011

I was determined to find the H&M trench dress that Extra Petite modeled earlier in the month and traveled to a distant H&M in search of it. The search turned up empty but I did end up with some unexpected purchases. 

I also went to the grand opening of a Forever 21 but I did not get a gift card (only the first 400 got one. The store opened at 10AM and when I arrived at 9AM the mall was jampacked from North to South with what must have been thousands of teenagers). I then decided to make my H&M trip first because wrestling 15-year-old girls for clothes isn't really my forte. 

At H&M I found the knit blazer that is quite popular with petite ladies (see it on Alice, Petite Little Girl, Extra Petite and PetiteXXS). I picked up two in size 2 in navy (an extra for Megan). I originally wanted to get the peach color seen on Petite Little Girl but the color was ultimately not particularly flattering on me. I am debating exchanging the size 2 for size 4 since it is noticeably tight on my torso.

I don't recall it being nearly as tight on me as it actually is when I was in the fitting room but I guess photos don't lie.
I also picked up this next dress in a royal blue color even though I didn't love it in the ad. This recycled fabric dress came in this royal blue color and also in a vibrant yellow. I am having second thoughts now because I really have too many dresses and even though this is only $19.99 I can't see myself reaching for this more than twice.

I typically wear a size 4 in dresses at H&M but the size 2 seen here fits ok.

My first find from Forever 21 is this Miu Miu inspired pair of maryjanes. I first saw them on Friday after Kileen from Cute and Little tweeted two pictures of it. I fell in love but was sad to hear that it had sold out online.
For those of you who don't frequent ginormous Forever 21's it's really quite an experience. This particular store was organized in an even more schizophrenic way than the four story one that I went to in Time Square and I attempted to browse clothes but failed miserably because the combination of loud club music and dizzying displays had a strobe light effect. I stumbled around for five minutes and decided to make a swift exit when I spotted a section near checkout that was isolated and only had accessories.

I picked up these filigree rings for $4.80 each. Similar versions can be found here and here

I also got the Shopping In Paris Charm necklace ($2.80) in both gold and silver  and the Pearlescent Heart necklace (bottom; also available in Jade/Gold) for $5.80.

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  1. Wonderful post, great styling and great looks.

    Welcome to my blog birthday contest and prizes to win.


  2. Love the blue ruffled dress from H&M! So much fun.

    Forever 21's always disorient me too, the music, the lights, ugh. But I always try though. The prices are too good!

  3. wow i love those rings!!!

    Ellen Ross

  4. i cannot say enough how much i love those maryjane shoes they are SOOO pretty with the floral print on black.. heart them!

    is it possible that your navy coat is fitting a little tighter because you are wearing a ruffly dress underneath?? they could be why the 2 fit in the store and not as well at home.

  5. I can't ever walk into a F21 store because I can't ever find anything that I've eyeballed online! Plus with the FS for orders over $50, I can usually get out of having to go!

    Those are fab shoes, I'm glad you scored them!

  6. I love your F21 picks! I tried the H&M jacket on as well and size 2 was too small for me. It's definitely tighter than the size 2 from last season that I got a grey color of.

  7. LOL on "wrestling 15-year-old girls for clothes isn't really my forte" - that is hilarious! It looked like the blazer fit well until I scrolled to the back view - it does look a bit snug. I wonder what a 4 would look like?

    I like the color and torso fit of the blue tiered dress! I kind of wish it were sleeveless but $19.99 is a great deal. Although if you're not in love, you should definitely return.

    Sad that you weren't able to find the trench dress because I was really fascinated by it when I saw Jean's review.

    I feel the same way you do about F21. It's hard for me to navigate due to the crowds and layout though I know there are gems to be found. I've been making a bee-line towards the jewelry lately because at least that is easy to find :)

  8. i like the blue ruffle dress! it looks great on you. i think you should keep it. It looks easy to pair with other things.

  9. I also like the blue dress on you. The color is so lovely. I tried on that jacket in a size 2 and couldn't breath. It runs pretty small. I think a size 4 will work out better for you. It's so nice of you to pick up an extra one for Megan. She'll love it.

  10. I love the blazer. If you decide to exchange it for a 4, would you consider selling the size 2 to me? I never get into a F21 because the closest one is still a 30-40min drive and like everyone else stated, finding stuff in the store is next to impossible.

  11. hahahah I hate the lineups at Forever 21 on weekends. The stores are ALL so poorly organized. Well, I guess the same sort of goes for H&M, but I prefer that environment over F21.

    I really like that blue dress!! It's a keeper in my books, but you're right - you DO have a lot of dresses AND you're on the wait list for a few on Gilt. LOL :P

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  12. I want everything from your haul!! Well, except the floral shoes because I can't pull that off. The shade of blue on the ruffle-y dress is perfect. I'm so not a rings girl, but now I really want those filigree rings. (I think Annie has the same ones). I hope you'll be able to find the trench dress though. I'll keep my eyes out for you too.

  13. Nice haul Elle!!! And I have that turquoise F21 ring and love it:)

    Great picks~!

  14. @Really Petite ooo...I was wondering who else had it! I'll check out your blog later to see if I can link it!

    @Fashion is me thank you!

    @Kristen I agree the prices are great! But the whole atmosphere is off to me. :(

    @Ellen Ross thanks, me too!

    @lisa definitely! are you looking for a pair yourself? I can totally see you rock them with one of your black outfits!

    @Lisa - respect the shoes Isn't it so hard to find ANYTHING?! I prefer shopping online too but some things sell out so quickly online!

    @Vicky ooo. you tried it on too? Did you end up getting it or are you waiting for it to go on sale?

    @SewPetiteGal I think I am definitely exchanging it for a 4. I think it'll be a looser fit in the torso. I'll try to find the trench dress...maybe it just hasn't hit CT stores yet!

    @Ping if Ping said so, who can refuse?!

    @PetiteLittleGirl I actually really like the fit of the size 2 on you!

    @littlenashua of course! I have to go back to the mall tomorrow anyway to pick up something for a friend. Do you want the H&M blazer in navy (it also came in blush pink, black and gray)? It was $34.95.

    And I completely agree about's terrible.

    @The Little Dust Princess I find F21 so much worse compared to H& least H&M's tend to be smaller in size. F21 stores have gotten so ginorm big. yikes!

    @Cee lol, Cee. I'll get a filigree ring for you, I'll have to go to the mall to exchange the jacket. What color ring do you want?

  15. I want to go shopping again! What great stuff you picked up! I like the blue dress a lot on you. I saw it in the store but thought it looked so bright. But on you, the shade is really amazing. I say keep! The blazer is too tight on you in the pictures - but it might be that the dress underneath is puffing it out? I bought the same blazer in gray in size 2 and it was quite fitted also. When I tried on the blue blazer, it was MUCH tighter than the gray. Not sure why. I saw the trench dress at the H&M near me. Let me know if you want me to pick it up for you - I may stop by again this week!

  16. So... this comment is unrelated to this post but I am too lazy to go back and look for the original post. The jacket from was too big for me too! But I have another boyfriend jacket that I LOVE and so I turned them both inside out and traced the shape of the one I like onto the new one, and then I sewed it into that shape. Perfect fit! So I owe you a huge thanks cause I LOVE the jacket!

  17. Elle!! I went to H&M after the trench dress that Jean reviewed too! Of course they didn't have it....I was so bummed :( I tried on that jacket in the blush color and loved it, but couldn't buy it plus the orange trench coat I found, it had to be one or the other. I saw that blue dress in the store but didn't give it a second glance....too bad 'cause it looks so great on you!!

  18. Ohh!! Love that jacket on you!! So glad you found some good stuff! You ladies are making me consider walking into H&M next weekend...not sure, many many items...overwhelming. :p

  19. @Michelle H&M on most weekends is just utter craziness! I went really early this weekend and avoided the crowd but I don't do that often. :)

    @Callandra you showed so much restraint! I wasn't going to get anything other than the trench dress but still ended up getting the jacket and the ruffle dress! If I see it in the future I'll definitely take it back for some pictures!

    @Nalini7 I am SO GLAD that it ended up working out for you! And you are so crafty! I wish I had your sewing skills and creativity! :)

    @Petite Mom it's interesting that the sizes fit dissimilarly between colors! And did you try on the trench dress? I am not consistent in size at H&M so I don't know which size to get!

  20. Elle, thanks so much for the offer. I'm on a shopping ban until the end of the month and I don't know what ring size I wear, haha. I hope my store will still have it next month!

  21. I think a size up would give you more room...but personally, I like more space in my clothes to mom had the philosophy of me growing in my clothes. ahaha.

  22. I like the tiered effect of the dress and the color is very bright and pretty. But if you have too many dresses, then I would listen to your second thought. Love the jewelry from Forever21. That store has the coolest things!

  23. I agree on sizing up on the jacket... since the size 2 fits me perfectly, I actually wondered how it could possibly fit most other people (including the taller petites like you in our community!). I really liked the blue on the rack, and also like it every time I see it pop up on other blogs... I keep second-guessing my initial decision to go with the gray. As for the dress, I think if you don't love it you should return. $20 is not bad for a dress, but it'll just likely end up being another item you'll have to sell or give away later!

  24. I actually vote do not size up on the jacket! I personally would rarely wear it buttoned up (if ever) and the shoulders seem to fit you nicely, Elle. It looks like it's meant to be a slim fit jacket and I really like how it fits on you when unbuttoned.

  25. Geeze, my head will explode if I ever pop into a two story F21 let alone a four story... ahhh headache. Big kudos for you to go and snag some pretty awesome stuff. I looovee those shoes, I saw them on Kileen and I can't wait to see how you style them. =0P

  26. OMG I always walk into the F21 downtown and walk right back out I have never purchased anything from there - just too overwhelming for me!

    You found some really great stuff, I love the jacket on you - it does seem a bit snug, but if you sized up the shoulders will probably be too big.


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