Saturday Shopping Trip : Ann Taylor & LOFT Took My Money Part I

February 27, 2011

Bf noted during our outlet trip that I have been spending a lot of time and money at both Ann Taylor and LOFT. He's right, and I do plan to cut back since I have acquired a lot of work essentials recently.

I succumbed to the lure of the the Ann Taylor Outlet Petite Chiffon Ruffle Top first blogged by Extra Petite. I picked up Soft Pewter, Dusty Mauve, and Mud Bath in XXSP. I also ordered the Deep Blue which should be here next week. I did notice that the lighter colors seem to run a bit smaller (maybe it's just a coincidence). I did find a black in XXSP and it was the same size as the Mud Bath but seems just a bit bigger than the Soft Pewter and Dusty Mauve.

                               Soft Pewter                                                  Dusty Mauve

Mud Bath

Side view:

An unexpected find from this weekend is this pair of LOFT Equestrian Wool Pants that is also a petite favorite (see it on other petites here). I found the 0P to fit me really well and as I am trying to add more pants to my closet it came home to me to the sweet tune of $9.

The pants sit at my lower waist and is only slightly big around the waist. My thighs are pretty bulky so it's a surprise that they fit without looking sausage-like.

My last Ann Taylor purchase for the next little while should be this Ann Taylor Shell with Necktie and Pintucks that has been reviewed by both Extra Petite and Alterations Needed. I received a mailer from Ann Taylor the other day that said full-priced items will go on sale March 1 for either 20% off for one item or 40% off for three or more items.

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  1. That is really weird about the sizing - I did find that the lighter colors do seem tighter - but I decided to go with xsp with the colors. Those wool pants -- WOW what a steal! I think I need to go to LOFT again...

  2. I like where those pants hit on you! Seeing the same pants (here on you) and my Theory pants on Hanna makes me realize how short my legs are lol! I somehow found them for $5.80 a few weeks back and they're still sitting around waiting to be shrunk a little. Glad you got to pick up these tops...and strange that one fits bigger than the others!

  3. You look great, Elle. And yay for finding another pair of pants that fit you nicely.

    Thanks for the heads up of AT's coming soon sales. Can't wait!

  4. Elle, thanks so much for the tip in calling a West coast number. DUH, I can be a little dense sometimes. In my frenzy of calling I accidentally ordered in a PXS but looking at your pics I shoulda sized down .. the PXXS looks great on ya! Weird about the inconsistent sizing, Liane also mentioned something like that on Twitter as well.

    I'm so jealous you were able to score pants at that price! LOL how did both of you guys score it at such good deals? I don't think my LOFT had any in my size but maybe I should take a closer look.

  5. PS - I'm thoroughly confused now about the mysterious dusty mauve color ... it looks lavendarish to me in your pics and in PetiteXXS but for some reason it is pink in ExtraPetite's post?

  6. PS - the sour straws and sour "tape" ? are so amazing. i didn't even know such variety existed. Thank you so so much : D

    Hanna - I'd go with what's in Elles...or maybe another blogger will post lol. My lighting tends to distort colors!

  7. @Cee me neither! so pumped. my cart is full!

    @PetiteAsianGirl haha $5.80 is incredible! Though the 00p wouldn't fit a larger petite as well as it does on you so it makes sense that they got marked down. :)

    @grace haha definitely do go back! I am sure they are still out there! :)

  8. @Banhannas I was surprised too...must have been a recent return. :) The dusty mauve is a light lavender...slightly paler in real life compared to the picture but more lavender than pink?

  9. @PetiteAsianGirl hehe glad you liked them. they didn't have the strawberry straws so i just picked up the closest relatives.

  10. Those pants look so good on you! The length and fit are on point. Strange that different colors have different sizing but I've also experienced this with some LOFT sweaters. Kerry from Little Nashua was saying that different dyeing processes can alter the textiles and thus the fit.

  11. I think brown > purple > whitish top. The way you wore it with the pants is really perfect for a summer day. In a way, I'm SORT of self-conscious of my arms to wear tank tops (but I still do!!) because people have commented on how thin they are NUMEROUS times. I'd have friends come up to me and literally wrap their hands around my biceps & wrists to "prove" how thin they are.. LOL

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  12. Those shells look amazing on you. It's not unusual that different colors fit differently. Those pants hit you at a great length. They're now my favorite too. I am glad you were able to find them at great price.

  13. My sewing teacher explained to me that different colors of the same style will fit differently because the dyeing process changes the way a fabric behaves; she advised always trying everything on instead of "grabbing one of each color in your size" because that is so common. This came up in a discussion of how frequently we make a pattern 3 or 4 times out of different fabrics and despite following the pattern exactly the same, each dress fits differently.

    I'm back from my trip to AZ and am ready to blog about my own Ann Taylor and BR outlet to find the time to take pictures!

  14. $9 pants, how awesome! I tried on those pants after seeing how fantastic they looked on everyone, and they looked horrible on me! Those shells are really weird about the sizing inconsistency!

  15. The pants plus the flutter blouse together are really cute! I really like the silhouette and shapes of these two pieces.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  16. Lol... so much twitter confusion about dusty mauve!

    I agree with you that the darker colors run larger, my deep blue was noticeable bigger than the dusty mauve or soft pewter.

    Definitely jealous of the great price you and Jean got those pants for! At that price I would've grabbed too and tried to shrink, but sadly my LOFT never even carried that style in the first place.


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