Sartorial Bucket List # 6 : Tan Leather Gloves

February 24, 2011

This post is long overdue but I finally got some pictures taken of my new gloves.

I ordered these a little under a month ago during the 50% off sale at Talbots and am more than happy about the quality of the gloves I received.

The only complaint I have is about the service. When I ordered these by phone the sales associate told me that these gloves were on promotion for 50% off but they aren't on "sale." So literally two days after I received the gloves the prices went down another 20%, I asked bf to help me price adjust them...since they weren't on sale I just figured it was be an easy transaction. But the bf hit a wall with a stone cold sales associate who told him that they don't price adjust on sale items...even after he explained to them (under my tutelage) that it was on promotion and not on sale. The sales associate insisted that he was wrong. So no price adjustment. 

Other than mediocre service at that particular Talbots I am really happy with the packaging and the gloves I received. It came really well wrapped in a big box and gloves were exactly what I was looking for.

I included the receipt which has the style number you can use to call stores and have the gloves ordered and sent to you. I believe the price has gone down significantly since my order so now's a good time to get them if you are looking for longer gloves. The size S I am wearing is the smallest size available and it's only a few inches big in the arm but they don't slip down on me so that's all I can ask.

Comes in black and gray (there may be other colors but I don't remember).

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  1. Ooh! I've been looking for a pair of long leather gloves! Thanks for posting - I'll call Talbots tomorrow :)

  2. The packaging is gorgeous...and so are the gloves, lol!

    Too bad about the sales associate. :/

    Can't wait to see these styled with an outfit!

  3. ohh they loo so fancy and luxurious. i wanna touch them. lol
    can't wait to see them on you.
    i hate bad customer service! that is why i try to buy all my stuff from nordies. they are the best.

  4. oooh, these gloves look so good on you! i love the longer length and the beautiful cognac color. it's too bad about the bad Talbot's service though.

    cute and little
    enter my The Vintage Scarf giveaway!

  5. Sorry about the service. Some places really need to train their employees better. The gloves are nice though.

  6. They're gorgeous, Elle. The leather looks so smooth and luxurious. I've never ordered anything by phone cuz I don't like to deal with customer service. At least, you are happy with your purchase.

  7. I was thinking of getting some long leather gloves to go with my new faux fur jacket but sadly, I'm on a shopping ban... :(

  8. wow talbot's packaging is pretty impressive.. and those gloves are gorgeous.. very pretty caramel color!

  9. Wow..I was shocked to see the quality and packaging!!! Who would have thought? I am a sucker for nice packaging...LOL

    Those gloves are so pretty and the leather looks so soft!

  10. Wow, the gloves look so luxurious. That leather looks divine. I'm so happy that there are companies out there who still take the time to package their products nicely. (Can you tell I'm still holding a grudge with Chanel? lol)

  11. The packaging is gorgeous! They look classy, and, like others, I want to touch it as well. LOL

    Have you thought about taking the receipt on your next trip to a mall where Talbot's located and ask if they can price adjust it there? I know there's a store at West Farm's mall in west hartford. It may be a drive for you depending on where you live.

  12. The gloves look so expensive and the quality looks amazing!

  13. i wish i knew about this, i've been looking for a pair too...


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