Review : Joan & David Collection Women Hartman Cuff Ankle Bootie

February 06, 2011

I ordered these Joan & David Collection Women Hartman Cuff Ankle Bootie along with the OTK boots that I reviewed yesterday and wasn't going to even post about them because they were so uncomfortable but since they are still in stock I thought I'd save some people the hassle of return postage.

They originally cost $240.95 so it's expected that the packaging would be cute and that shoe pouches would be included. In that regard it did not disappoint but the rest was a huge flop for me.

My first complaint is the color - the picture from Amazon shows it to be a rosy pink color but in real life it's more like dried blood red (graphic, I know). The booties are lighter in color in these photos they they appeared in real life.
Then there was the fit. Since I am in between sizes I ordered the larger size but this fit so small I was in pain the entire time the shoes were on me. They are at least a whole size (or two) smaller than my normal size. The shoe frame was also really really stiff and even if they were the right size I can't see myself wearing them for more than a few minutes at a time (and this is coming from someone who has endured her fair share of pain caused by heels). I have bought shoes that cost a fifth as much as these that are more comfortable.

Amazon charges $4.99 to ship back these shoes but it's a fee I am happy to pay to get rid of these really painful shoes.

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  1. Too bad they don't fit and the color is off! Otherwise, they actually look really cute!

  2. Lol at blood red cuz the lilac shade sure looks pretty on my computer screen. Good choice on returning. If you're like me, they'd just be sitting in my closet never getting worn.

    PS - I like this new spot that you're taking pics at!

  3. I don't blame you for wanting to return them - I can't really stand uncomfortable shoes and am only now trying to make myself endure pumps for their leg-lengthening properties (but even then, they must be comfortable enough to walk around the house without pain).

  4. awww too bad they are uncomfy and the color was not the same in person. i agree that shoes that are more expensive does not mean it is necessarily more comfy.

  5. Ouch!! Yes, the color is disappointing! :(

    I need to get some pics taken of my recent Nine West online shoe purchase. I need some help deciding on one, the others are a definite go back for ouch reasons.

    Btw...I love the new picture spot! I love exposed brick! Not something we have a lot of in these parts! :p

  6. Yikes. Too bad about the size! I actually like the colour of it in the first photo! Also, I like your new photo background. How big is that brick wall? I LOVE seeing brick walls indoors. You should take pics in front of that because I definitely would if I had one. LOL

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  7. Definitely worth the $5 to return. It's a hefty price to pay for a pair of shoes that don't fit. I am not crazy about the look and the color either. :( I think I'm going to start posting on flops as well simply to save others some time and effort.
    I love the OTK boots you purchased though. :)

  8. @MichelleLove to see your Nine West purchase.

  9. @Vicky yes! In the past I have just returned items that didn't work out without saying a lot but I then read about another person complaining about how that item I returned was a disappointment to them too and I wish I had did a post about it to warn people!

    @The Little Dust Princess the brick wall is quite big but there's furniture in front of it. I am still playing around with new spots so expect to see some variety in the coming weeks. :)

    @Michelle can't wait to see the Nine West post! I haven't ordered from them in forever and was close to ordering after Vicky's post!

    @Ping I sometimes fall prey to this notion that more expensive = better quality but that's not always the case! Live and learn live and learn. :)

    @SewPetiteGal yup yup! uncomfortable heels are the worst...I used to put up with them but these days I feel differently because I don't want my feet to suffer!

    @Cee It's actually not a pretty color in person...I love lilac and pale shades and it's hard to do red/pink wrong but this one was eek.

    yay I am glad you like my new spot! Experimenting requires positive feedback :)

    @Petite Mom I thought so too when I saw them online but the fit is just too awful...don't know how they get away with charging this much for shoes this uncomfortable!

  10. That's a major bummer! At least you are saving yourself some money :)


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