OOTD: Bargain Hunter

February 15, 2011

I went to Rite Aid bright and early this morning, money in hand and ready to buy out whatever candy I can get my hands on. But I seem to have arrived too early because things hadn't been marked down yet.

I did, however, discover some great deals on Chex Mix and Lay's Stax. So an 8.75oz bag of Chex Mix usually retails for $2.99 but it's on sale for 2/$3.00. And if you use your Rite Aid Wellness+ Card (free membership card) at checkout you'll receive two $1 +UP Reward which can be used in a future purchase. The same deal can be had for Stax. So I essentially spent $6 on four full sized snacks and received four dollars back for future purchase. At 50 cents a bag, that's a pretty sweet deal.

I know I know. The difference of a dollar or so isn't a huge deal for most people, but I spend so much money annually on snacks (picky childish eater here) and any little bit helps. Considering I go through about five things of snacks weekly and spend an average of $15 a week on snacks, if I can take advantage of this deal every week I would only spend $2.50 a week. And that's a $12.50 saving every week which amounts to $650 a year.

Anyone else a fan of discounted snacks? :)

 Top: J. Crew Crewcuts
Skirt: H&M
Jacket: H&M

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  1. I'll have to live vicariously through you on junk food! Ever since the Little Peanut arrived, I haven't been able to eat many snacks (goodbye Pocky!) because she is allergic to dairy. I'm also pretty insane about eating organic and healthy right now so she can grow big and strong. Some 2 month old babies weigh more than her right now!!! She's definitely a petite gal in the making!


  2. I like this blazer buttoned! The peaked labels at the bottom work well with that lace skirt. You look like a lady in this outfit. =0D Oh and snackss, I can totally relate. I'm a huge snacker but I'm not very picky. I didn't know about the free savings card at Rite Aid, I need to get one.

  3. hehe, I love all your calculations about the savings :) I'm the same way. Love that blazer on you, it's such a great color!

  4. Your snack-isms makes you a girl after my own heart! I tend to buy mine in mini-packed bulk at Target or Costco because I love trying different things and hate getting those ginormous bags because I'll get bored before I hit the crumblies! My secret snack attack hit is Funions. I know, but they are guilty treat goodness!

  5. A dollar is a huge deal to me! Like you, I spend a lot.. not just on food. Every dollar counts. : ) Also, I like the way you styled the H&M skirt!!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  6. You're so cute!.....Up bright and early to get to rite aide for candy sale (sounds just like me actually ;) Ever tried the Reeses Fast Break Bars?.....My absolute fave!!

  7. I just laughed out loud picturing you at Rite Aid super early. The money in hand description did me in :P

    I love the buttons on this blazer. Also, lace + ruffles = perfection!

  8. I meant to stop by Godiva tonight to get some chocolate but totally forgot about it. I hope they still have some left tomorrow. You're hillarious :) My little will be very happy to hang out with you.

  9. the skirt is lovely =)
    a cool sophisticated look!

  10. I have quite the sugar habit so I like to hit my local supermarket in the evening, when they mark down all the baked goods. :D Sometimes I get there too late, but scoring pastries for less than 20p each is always nice.


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