OOTD : I Am Blue

February 10, 2011

It's barely mid-morning yet I feel so groggy after waking up at 4 AM to drive my parents to the airport. In my somewhat delirious state I managed to finish a purchase I started last night (thanks to Lisa @ Confessions of a Call Center Gal's post on scalloped skirts). I know, what shopping ban?

Thank you all who entered and spread word about my blogiversary giveaway.

p.s. is it obvious that I am out of ideas for post titles? How do you come up with creative ones?

Button Down: J. Crew (several years old)
Skirt: H&M (last season)
Cardigan: Alloy (from high school circa 2004)
The items I am parting with today are: Aero Roxy dress in size S. Both the orange and the blue are up for grabs. Please leave a comment below if you are interested and you'll only be responsible for the shipping.

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  1. Anyone would be groggy at that time...don't blame you. The skirt fits so well..looks very polished! I have a hard time wearing my old stuff from hs...except a few fav pieces.

  2. I try to be punny with blog titles, but it's mostly a fail. "I am blue" works great for you today because you're wearing the color and you're feeling groggy :)

  3. Oh! I love the skirt from UO...can't wait to see it on!

    Love the blue outfit. My titles are not creative...I just state what I am reviewing/wearing. Lol! No help here. :p

  4. I am blue is totally appropriate for what you're wearing today. I would be groggy too if I had to wake up at 4:00AM.

  5. I love your mix of blues here...you look great!

  6. so pretty!! :) love the blues

    Ask Away Advice & Fashion Blog

  7. wow, the scalloped skirt looks so awesome and i don't blame you for getting them. i'm excited to see how they'll look on you! and i love the blue on blue action of the cardigan and shirt. it looks very chic!

    cute and little

  8. lmao! I'm with you on the creative titles thing... song lyrics are kinda cliche.. but I don't know how people do it. xD This is one of my favourite outfits of yours!! I love the blue on blue. It looks really good together and I think you sort of inspired me to wear something similar one day, but my blue shirt is striped!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  9. i love this blue on your and great skirt!!


  10. @The Little Dust Princess hehe, thank you Jessy!

    @kileen Kileen they CANCELED my order like two hours after I placed it. Ugh, I can't trust UO companies to fulfill the entire order anymore!

    @PearlsAndGreenTea thanks :)

    @Ellen Ross Thank you!

    @Tara Thank you!

    @PetiteLittleGirl yeah, it's a day later and I still feel groggy. :)

    @Michelle me too. unfortunately UO canceled my order. :( Now I am stuck with a bunch of things I don't really want!

    @Cee I always thought you had good titles!

    @Jarucha I know, me too. But I want to wear some hardly ever worn pieces before I donate them or part with them. :)

  11. lol! im the queen of boring blog titles. i'm too lazy to think of something creative.

    i do love this outfit. the blue & blue together is quite lovely. the skirt sure show off your nice long stems! :P

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