OOTD: Pop of Red/Pants Countdown #2 of 8 + ModCloth Sale

February 24, 2011

I swear I own more than one pair of black pants...but when I rolled out of bed this morning the only pair that I was able to find was this. It's a little too slouchy for work but I guess that's what happens.

Can anyone recommend some black work pants that love big thighs and a comparatively smaller waist?

Jacket: Theory Gabe B.
Tank: H&M (same style as Kileen's)
Pants: Necessary Objects
Shoes: Colin Stuart
I made my Ann Taylor returns yesterday and was proud I didn't get talked into buying their Spring arrivals. But when I came home I accidentally saw Chloe's ModCloth sale alert post and browsed for a bit. I had two things in my cart when I went to bed and promised myself if they are both still there in the morning I'd get them. Thankfully eager shoppers bought out the more expensive dress and I happily forked over the money for the cheaper one.

ModCloth has some creative names for their clothes. Misty Rose Dress? I'll take one. The dress was $94.99, one sale for $27.99. With shipping ($7 flat rate), my total out of pocket was $34.99. I decided to return my ASOS Contrast Band Military Dress to make room for this one even though bf offered to pay for it. The size 2 is sold out online so if anyone wants it let me know before I send it back. 

This Million Dollar Smile Dress would have looked incredible hanging in my closet but I am starting to realize I have pink overload.

Did anyone else take advantage of the ModCloth sale?

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  1. I'm not too sure about the fit of ModCloth so I will wait until other petites get more items ;) I really love that dress you posted, it's so pretty but I can see it looking frumpy if the fit isn't JUST right.

  2. I love all of the winter sale that is still going on. That dress is at a nice price considering it was almost a hundred! The reviews are saying they love the fabric ... I really love how vintage it looks, esp the lace on the shoulders.
    I was wondering why I've been leaning towards pinks lately. Too swayed by your blog postings! -,-

    ...I still haven't completed checkout from JCrew. I might give up.

  3. I haven never bought anything from modcloth...I get nervous branching out to different brands other than AT, ATL and the other basic petite friendly stores..LOL

  4. I've never bought anything from Modcloth....I love blushes and softer pink tones too, but don't tend to wear the ones I already have in my closet for some reason. Anyway, I would really love to see this dress on you once you get it!

  5. i've been curious about ModCloth for awhile not and can't wait to see how this dress works out for you. the dress is beautiful and what a great deal on it too!

    cute and little
    enter my Vintage Scarf giveaway!

  6. I've also never shopped at Modcloth but I'm looking forward to seeing your review when it comes in! You always look so pretty in all your dresses :)

  7. I'm just hoping that some of my favorite items will still be available after I'm done with my 30-day shopping ban. Fingers crossed! (I know, it's unlikely ...) Love the choice you made - that lace detail is divine.

  8. The ASOS dress looked so good on you though! You even said the bf agrees! haha This "Misty Rose" one is SUPER pretty though. Reminds me of one of the H&M blazers I purchased a while ago, but returned.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  9. @Callandra I think you'd look lovely in blush colors Callandra...your skin tone/hair color would complement it so well!

    @Really Petite me too. But a part of me wants to try everything under the sun. Will let you know how my purchase turns out!

    @Banhannas me too! hehe I love all things pink! boo no j. crew order? I am actually really impressed and in awe of your ability to resist, I need to learn from you. Teacher?

    @curls-and-pearls modcloth actually carries all different kinds of designers so I imagine it's much more complicated than that! :)

  10. @The Little Dust Princess I know...but as much as bf likes it he's not the one who has to wear it. And I tried it on again and deemed it too risque to wear in public so to save bf and me money I decided it should just go back. :(

    @Sara K.S. Hanks sigh, I don't know how you do it. I really wanted to do a monthly ban too but can never find it in my to pull through. I bow to you.

    @SewPetiteGal thank you :) I'll do an extra thorough review just for you!

    @kileen definitely will do a post just about this. :)

  11. I really think the dress is super cute...its so girly...I love it. I have been guilty of looking at Modcloth for quite some time but never pulled the trigger....hope the dress fits well on you so it'll make me want to buy something for myself! haa.

  12. Oh Elle, the million dollar dress is so you. (I feel like I say that way too much). I'm not sure if these brands would fit you, but for pants I like Express. I think all of them are a bit loose around the thighs for me, so it could probably fit you too. If you're going to be hunting for pants, does that mean you just might wear them more than 8x a year? :)

  13. I love Modcloth's stuff, but it costs way too much to ship to Canada ($14). Best of luck with your order though!

    I wasn't feeling the ASOS dress until I saw your modeling post, holy crap that's frikken cute! How much are you selling it for?

  14. I say keep both dresses! It was so sexy on!!

    I am not a huge help with work trousers. I am like you...skirts/dreses. I wear the occasional capri pants...all from LOFT.

    P.S. Keep the asos dress :p

  15. @Michelle lol Michelle!! You enabler. I really want to keep all three ASOS dress from my last order but my closet is at capacity. I feel so bad adding additional items to it. :( I think while the military dress is cute I won't get much wear out of it because I have another one that's really similar to it. :(

    @LaLaaLove That's too bad about the shipping! It's $7 flat to U.S. addresses, maybe you can take advantage of free shipping and then have another petite (I'd be happy to forward) to forward it to you.
    And I am selling the ASOS for what I got it for (the price on the website) plus exact shipping. Let me know if you are interested before I send it back.

    @Cee In retrospect I should've just pulled the trigger but I hesitated. And it sold out. :( An yes, I do want to wear pants more often but baby steps, you know? :)

    @Jarucha I'll definitely do a thorough review of my experience. :)

  16. hey Elle, both dresses are adorable!! You should consider geting/keeping the dresses....

    I had a question for the asos website, do they give you a tracking number?

  17. I've tried Modcloth a few times and it really depends on the brand of the clothes to find the right fit and quality. I discovered that Tulle is too big for me and the quality is ehh. But at the same time, there are other brands that are pretty good...like Many Belles Down. Not sure if they post the manufacturer, but Modcloth is a hit or miss for me.

    As for black pants, I'd say, try the Gap Premium Curvy pant...it's definitely made for people with a slimmer waist and larger hips. =)

  18. @Stylepint yup that's my conclusion as well. I dislike that they purposefully hide the name of the maker (I suppose to avoid buyers googling for a better price) but I am optimistic about this purchase. we shall see! :)


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