OOTD : Polka Dotted Hump Day

February 09, 2011

I had forgotten to mention that I was featured on Smashion this past Monday so if you are in dire need of new reading material check it out. Some of my favorite petite bloggers were recently featured too (Read Cee's interview here, Nelah's interview here, and Kileen's here)

Blouse: Ann Taylor
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Ann Taylo

So the polka dots are difficult to see from afar, so here's the close up:

Saying goodbye to these two shirts from Aeropostale...both size XS. Please leave a comment below if you are interested, you'll have to foot shipping but that's it. 

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  1. Hi Elle! You got me all excited! Where are the polka dots? I must be going blind...hehe. Congrats on the Smashion feature too. I'm heading there to take a look see right now.


  2. I am so in love with that blouse!...you look fabulous!!

  3. the polka dots are so super cute! and great Smashion interview! i had no idea you did marketing and sales. you're lucky that you didn't have a horrendous low-paying high school job. :)

    cute and little
    come check out the color brigade!

  4. I ADORE this outfit. The print of polka dots and textured skirt works so well together. Love!

  5. omigoddd. I swear Smashion went through one of our blog rolls and decided to interview all of us. Mine is going up next Thursday, I think. LOL! I really like the detail of your skirt! Looks similar to a Wang skirt I admired a few months ago.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  6. you look lovely elle and so feminine! i love the lace peek out of the skirt and the ruffle on the polka dot blouse.

  7. ohh smashion...i must go off and read your interview right now! they contacted me a couple of months ago and i totally forgot to respond.

  8. I am so in love with that Ann Taylor top!! Lusting for it so badly!! You make me want to make so many purchases! :p

    I loved your Smashion interview!! :)

  9. Congrats on the feature hon! Very cute polka dot shirt!

  10. @The Girlie Blog thank you. :)

    @Michelle Michelle I swear we enable each other's shopping problem :) I go on your blog and then want everything and I guess you do the same here?

    @Ping thank you Ping, you should've done the interview! I love reading those too! :)

    @The Little Dust Princess haha I think you are right! Probably your blogroll since you have it organized so perfectly!

    @Cee heehee thank you Cee :)

    @kileen lol I feel very fortunate as well. but that's before I discovered the joy of shopping so I didn't take full advantage of that. Now I spend my own money. :)

    @Callandra thank you, I love this blouse too. super flattering :)

    @Petite Mom haha I added a picture just for you! It's really hard to see because the dots are so tiny!

  11. Thanks Elle!! I'm so glad you posted a close up because that top is so gorgeous!! I'm loving the polka dots and ruffles. So feminine!! Awesome interview too!


  12. I really like this outfit! The blouse is lovely of course, and the draping detail on the skirt is really interesting too.


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