OOTD: Pants Count Down #1 of 8

February 21, 2011

I took the photos for today's outfit and after looking at the few that I took I ended up changing out of the Ann Taylor Tweed Atelier Cardigan that I got over the weekend and into a long black cardigan.

I so rarely wear pants and my goal this year is to wear pants at least eight times (not counting jeans on my days off). This countdown will at least remind me that there I have more options than skirts and dresses.

Top: J. Crew Muse Tank
Belt: J. Crew
Pants: Necessary Objects (reviewed here)
Cardigan: Ann Taylor Tweed Atelier Cardigan
Shoes: Colin Stuart

I have a post scheduled for tonight or maybe tomorrow with my AT loot from their 40% off sale. I am undecided about this cardigan even though it's been on my wishlist for weeks. The XS I am wearing here fits a little long? I can't decide if it's a keeper so please offer me your most honest opinion.

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  1. yah i'm not loving the cardi on you.. it doesn't fit right.. and is big in all the wrong weird places.. it's actually kinda matronly on you.. return!!!!

    i do however love your peachy chiffony ruffly tank :)

  2. that's XS already? gosh you're really tiny! wish i could be the same size as you are! LOL :) have it replaced if they have a size that will fit you, or just sell it online :)

  3. The cardigan looks long, but I can't tell if it's *too* long because it looks like your pants are high-waisted?

  4. If you changed into something different after looking at the pictures then It's a return :) It's a sign that you're not liking what you're wearing.

  5. I think you have worn nicer cardigans...I agree with Lisa that it looks a bit matronly.

  6. Hi Elle, I have to agree with everyone else....although you look fabulous as always, the fit's off on that cardi for some reason. So is the goal to wear pants 8 times in one year?

  7. I'm sure you've told me before, but due to bad memory, I have to ask again. How come you don't like pants? I see nothing out of proportion and your legs look super long, especially in pumps.

    The cardi looks more like a jacket on you. Can you go down a size so it's more fitted like how AT's model is wearing it? If that doesn't do the trick, I say return because you don't sound like you're loving it.

  8. Unfortunately, I agree the cardi is a little bulky (wide in shoulders) and long on you Elle. You could probably save that money for more whimsical asos dresses : )

  9. I have to agree with Cee that it looks more so like a jacket than a cardigan. Cardigan should fit closer to your body and this one looks too boxy. =0( I'm really loving the top underneath it! Can we see it in another outfit?

  10. Hum....this seems to big for you or maybe because it's unbuttoned?

  11. I thought you made a typo when you said "cardigan"...assumed it was a jacket from the pics!

    It is not long enough to be a long cardigan...it is awkardly stuck int he middle. But I do love the pattern! I like what Jean suggested...use the money for an asos dress! :)

    So this pants challenge...eight work days is what it sounds like? Or just non-jeans in general?

  12. @lisa definitely. You are so right lisa.

    @Hazel lol Hazel, this cardigan actually runs rather large. the XS usually fits me ok. :)

    @The Little Dust Princess I think it's long regardless but the pants definitely accentuated that. :(

    @PetiteLittleGirl Sydney you are so right. This is going back for sure.

    @Jarucha I see it now too. Thank you!

    @Callandra yup, that's the goal. I love the pants look on you and hope I can one day wear it as effortlessly as you do!

    @Cee hmm...I don't wear pants because it's hard to find a pair that flatter me? I have proportionally smaller hips and fuller thighs so things are either too loose in the waist or too tight in the legs. sigh. I couldn't find it in XXS unfortunately. :(

    @PetiteAsianGirl the cardi's going back, you all are right, money can be better spent elsewhere.

    @Banhannas yup, that's the vibe I got initially too.

    @Really Petite It runs pretty big and I thought I could make it work but it's going back. :(

    @Michelle I think the length is the most awkward part of it and I decided I'll just return it. Yes, eight working days...lol it doesn't sound like a lot but I wore pants maybe 3 times last year.

  13. Loving the ruffle top! And the pants look great on you, I wish I had your legs! Love your blog title by the way, it's quite similar to mine except mine is Fun and Life and Everything In Between haha. Will be following you - keep in touch! :D


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