OOTD: No Red or Pink This Valentine's Day

February 14, 2011

I rolled out of bed half an hour later than usual this morning and was completely disoriented. For a second I thought it was Sunday all over again but when I realized that the weekend had ended I jolted awake. In my haste I picked up the first three items that I stumbled across on my way to the shower. I did get some pictures taken but wow was this a mess. I ended up removing the belt because it made me look pregnant. Sigh. I need to go to sleep earlier. 

I don't particularly like Valentine's Day (though I never refuse free chocolate) but I know there are others out there who rather enjoy it. So to those of you who do, happy Valentine's Day. 
I am, however, a HUGE fan of the post-holiday chocolate clearance that follow all major commercialized holiday. I am counting down the hours before heart shaped chocolates can be had at 50% off.

Today's items that I am parting with today are:

Old Navy Girls' Turtleneck Sweater - Kids XL. I believe this was gifted to me a few years ago but I don't really wear turtlenecks (only on occasion). This is brand new in bag. If you would like this please leave a comment below, you'll have to foot shipping but it's otherwise free.

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  1. haha I'm not a big fan of valentines day either. I'm going out for dinner tonight but that's pretty much it. no presents or anything. lovely sweater yellow cardigan you are wearing btw!

  2. HALLELUJAH. I'm the same exact way! I hate Valentine's Day, stupid society expectation to be romantic. How is it exactly special when everybody celebrates it! I may be a bit sore after so many years when I was a nerdy gal in high school expecting something magical to happen in Valentine's Day. Lol.
    But honestly, I'm eating at IHOP buy one get one free: http://ihopcorp.fbmta.com/members/ViewMailing.aspx?MailingID=30064776460&StoreCode with my best friend. =0P I'm also eagerly looking forward to the massive discounts on chocolates and candy...high five we must have been twins separated from birth.

  3. I love your outfit and I didnt wear any red or pink this year either!!

    Well, hope you have a great Valentine's Day!!


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. lol! omg i woke up super late this morning too. i almost said f it, i don't want to go to work. of course i couldn't...lol.

    i did go to dinner with bf to celebrate v-day, but thats pretty much it.

  6. Oh wow! I hate mornings like that....It makes for a very frenzied work day!! No red for me today either, but just because I forgot it was Valentine's this morning. LOl I do enjoy valentine's day though. Any excuse to tell someone I love them, eat chocolate (the post chocolate sales are a bonus too) and get dressed up is a pretty good holiday in my books! ;)

  7. So cute. I love this outfit. I love the yellow, it's such a great pop of color!

    I'm not really doing anything special for Valentine's Day, either

  8. Sorry, I hit the wrong button :) My husband and I do not celebrate V-day either. Although, I can't wait to get my hands on the Godiva's truffles. They're 50% off tomorrow. Have a great week!

  9. Yellow cardigan to brighten up the day. : ) Too many people celebrate Valentine's Day at once.. what's so special about it?! Love should be expressed everyyyyday.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  10. @Pop Champagne a nice dinner is never a bad thing, I am not a hater and I have nothing against people who celebrate it. just not my thing, you know. :)

    @Banhannas haha Hanna, my sister from another mother, it's too bad we live so far apart because we'd be wreaking havoc otherwise. IHop sounds so good!

    @H Rija Thank you and you too!

    @Ping haha Ping I get what you are saying! If I can not go to work I would!

    @Callandra haha I did remember it was vday today but just didn't have time to sift through my closet this morning! I am not a vday person but I do see its appeal!

    @Sofi Stellar thank you! :)

    @PetiteLittleGirl woo! a fellow Godiva lover :) I am so excited too!

  11. Your outfit is not a mess! I'm sure it feels like it though. I've had those kinds of mornings too. The stress makes me feel slipshod and I feel like I'm walking around with a pimple all day even though I'm not. You know how it is!

    I'm not big on Valentine's Day anymore. Although, I did wear pink (not on purpose) today. My husband, on the other hand, has been very surprising this year. Asking me since early last week how we were going to celebrate and whether I would be his valentine!!! I thought it was a given after being married, but I'll take the enthusiasm!


  12. Hubby and I sort of celeb V-day..LOL we just like to go out to eat and we still get each other gifts :)

    Happy V-day Elle!

  13. I like the yellow and gray combo but agree with your decision to take off the belt. Somehow it just didn't look right though I don't think it entered preggy territory :)

    Happy Valentine's Day! (I'm not wearing red or pink either)

  14. Elle, you need to do what I do: spent Sunday evening (or any evening, really) planning outfits for the week. Then you can sleep later and not worry about what to wear. I still end up changing my mind sometimes, especially when the weather changes dramatically, but I find it gives me more time in the morning.

    I don't do Valentine's Day either - I've never really seen the point. But then I also don't buy Xmas presents or do birthdays, mainly because I am selfish and don't want to spend $$ on other people. This way I can buy more shoes and clothes for myself.

  15. Happy Valentine's Day, Elle! (couldn't resist :D) *virtual box of chocolates for you*

    I don't see a mess, and believe me, I have terrible eyesight. Yellow is the perfect color to brighten up the Monday blues :)


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