OOTD: Mirror Mirror On The Wall & My Small Chanel Collection

February 16, 2011

If there's one thing I learned since I started doing daily outfit photos, it's that mirrors are deceptive. I often look at an outfit in the morning, deem it appropriate and went on my merry way but these outfit photos expose lethal flaws in the most brutally honest fashion.

Take today's outfit for example, I thought it was of an appropriate length since I pulled down the tweed skirt to my lower waist but it's not loose enough on me to do that and it kept riding up and in the distance between my camera and where I stood for the picture it had become inappropriately short. 

Thankfully I was able to change out of this outfit into something a little more reserved. Thank you, camera, you never lie.

And on Twitter I was asked to share a picture of my paltry Chanel collection. So here's a picture of the bags that I currently own.

Pictured below are three WOC's, one medallion tote, one older version of the cerf tote, the red jumbo I had posted about previously and a small wallet. I sold about four bags in the last year and a half and I recently asked a friend to help me sell one of the WOC's since I plan to eventually get a new cerf tote for work.

I am happy with my current collection but do plan to get a new bag for work...though that probably won't happen until next year.

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  1. OH my gosh "paltry" ?? Thanks for showing these lovelies elle...I like the pretty colors and versatile styles in your rather large and growing collection.

    Btw where's the tweed set from? It seems the jacket is too large and boxy for you yet the skirt is too small?

  2. Dang girl! Is this what you called "a small collection"? I am drooling. The pink WOCs are adorable. Thanks for sharing, Elle. I certainly enjoy it.

  3. @Victoria thank you. ;)

    @PetiteLittleGirl thank you Sydney, the pieces are mostly small leather goods so that's why I was hesitant to consider it anything but small. :)

    @PetiteAsianGirl the tweed set isn't a set at all...the jacket is AT and the skirt is H&M. I put them side by side the other day and the tweed almost matched up perfectly and from afar they look like they belong together. which is why it looks odd to you. :) I plan to move the button from the skirt in myself (I can't sew at all so this'll be an interesting project) and I think that'll make it looser around the waist and so it can sit lower and not be so short on me. :)

  4. I almost choked on my morning snack when I saw your Chanel collection. They need more attention on your blog! I love to see that glitter flap one...ahh sigh. I know what you mean by a camera can really evaluate an outfit. Several times I would think an outfit will look cute, snap a picture and wow golly gee why do I look like a big rectangle. A camera is a real helpful insight on proportion!

  5. oh wow, your chanel collection is anything but paltry!! i would love to see these purses in your outfit photos more. they are all so gorgeous!

    i also really like the tweed jacket in your outfit today. :)

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  6. OMG Elle, that most definitely qualifies as a collection! I love it! Sheesh, I'm rethinking that I really should get myself a Chanel one of these days...I would need to get a new lifestyle though or I'd be using it at home LOL!

  7. I'm drooling as I write this! You have a BEAUTIFUL Chanel collection! And I wish I could steal the pink WOC from you! LOL has it made an appearance before yet?

    And if you ever sell your Chanel work bag- I'm interested:)

  8. OMG elle. you have so many chanel bags! they are all so lovely and i love the variety.

  9. Still don't own a Chanel bag yet...but I'll live vicariously through you. :)

  10. Paltry? Girl please. Lol :) I have yet to own one.. maybe somedayy

    I'm jealous of ur collection! They're beautiful <3

  11. @elleandish haha but you have a HOUSE! That's what I'd like to own one day. :)

    @Jarucha lol, I should send you links to truly enviable Chanel collections. Then you wouldn't want to look at my bags at all. :) But thank you, I am happy with my collection and plan to use them lovingly for years to come.

    @Ping thank you Ping. I thought for sure people would think I lack variety...usually people have one WOC and lots of different sized flaps so I am happy you think this is diversified. That was what I was going for...though I failed a little. :)

    @Really Petite oh Annie, you don't want that cerf tote. It is pretty beaten up because I use it for work! You'll find ones in brand new condition for not that much more than your new beige. :) I wouldn't dare selling a used bag to you, I know how you feel about preowned bags. AHHH can't wait for your Chanel reveal soon!

    @curls-and-pearls hehe Elaine, I am a homebody so it's not like I have places to bring these bags to. I use the medallion tote most for casual purposes and the cerf for work...other than that I barely touch the other ones. They are good to look at. I tell myself they are like art, to be appreciated. :)

    @kileen hehe Kileen I'll try to incorporate them more...I don't use most of them with any frequency so I don't want to mislead people that I actually use it when I wear those outfits. :) I do love them though.

    @Banhannas hehe Hanna...morning snack at 915? we are twins for real...breakfast at 8, snack every hour or so until lunch. WIN!

  12. Girl, you've been holding out on us!! I knew you had the WOC and newly acquired red flap, but had no idea about the others. More modeling pictures with them please! Still waiting patiently for outdoor pics of the red flap :)

  13. LOL, I think the "they are like art, to be appreciated" is a justifiable reason to keep them. They *are* art.

    On a different note, how's the carpel tunnel? I went to get my wrist checked out because I was starting to get wrists pain. Turns out I had a cult ganglion cyst. -___-

  14. i just realized the mention of your carpel tunnel sounded really stalker-ish, but it's because I was reading through your blogroll!!

  15. You look amazing in anything you wear. WOW, you have quite a Chanel collection! :)

  16. Love seeing handbag collections, and you have a beautiful one!

  17. you're chanel collection is amazing!! and is that a sparkly WOC i spy??? i really really loved that collection when it came out.. but i missed the boat on that one.. it's like the one that got away :( haha.. i like the cerf tote too it's so work friendly.. and you can easily fit files and laptop in it!!

  18. What a great Chanel collection! I have yet to have anything remotely close to your awesome bags and small leather goods. You should definitely take photos with them more often! =)

  19. Lovely, lovely collection, Elle. They all look so beautiful. Drool...

  20. Gorgeous collection! Now that you have the basic browns and blacks...and even the fun pink and red...consider adding a patterned Chanel to your mix!

  21. @Vicky thank you vicky!
    @Stylepint Thank you Jess, I 'll try!

    @lisa Yes! oh no about the WOC. If I see another I'll let you know!

    @Tara thank you Tara!

    @April April, you are TOO sweet. :)

    @Gracie Grace, it's NOT creepy at all. :) Haha, it's much better. So long as I don't type for hours. :) Wow, I wonder if I should get myself checked out too! Do you spend a lot of time playing the piano or typing on the keyboard?

    @Cee I'll try Cee, but I am so awkward without the bag. I can't imagine what a mess it'll be if I try to pose with a bag!

    @Petiteélégant thank you! :)

  22. @Michelle ooo...I wish! I think it'll be a while before I add another. I feel spendthrift. :(

  23. omg! You said you had a small collection on Twitter yesterday!! My jaw dropped when I saw your collection! So pretty..so jealous! Right now, I'm thinking buying new isn't worth it because of the hikes. I'll be checking out secondhand ones soon! I'm debating between the shoppers tote or the classic flap. Or both. They're totally diff styles...

    xx The Little Dust Princess


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