OOTD: Laundry Day Is Friday

February 17, 2011

Today's tidbit is that I ordered 72oz of laffy taffy online. Does anyone know a fool-proof dental protection plan that would ensure that I'll remain cavity-free?

I found this skirt at the bottom of the drawer...I don't think I've seen this skirt in years
And yikes, I went to H&M yesterday for the second time in two days to exchange the gold color for a navy one. I loved the gold but it was just not flattering on me. I called ahead and asked if there were any size 2's or size 4s left because I picked up the last size 2 on Tuesday for Megan. Luckily a new one surfaced and I made a quick exchange without browsing further. 

I thought the dress fit ok but looking at these photos I think I need to go back and get the size 4 instead.  Note how I am spilling out of the dress in the back.
Extra Petite unknowingly enabled me and Megan in the pursuit of this dress, see her rock it here. A little steep for H&M at $39.95 but like she said, you can wear it anywhere!

A close up of what I mean by too tight:

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  1. You cracked me up over the Laffy Taffy comment! Back during junior high when I had braces, I was the headache child for my dad and my orthodontist because I was all the time breaking those metal wires! Why? Because of unscrupulous intaking of those darn chewy Now & Laters!

  2. I tried on the same dress in a size 2 and found it to fit fine but it was somehow unflattering. I think it's because the dress looks better a little bit loose so that the ruffles have more movement. I agree - try a size 4.


  3. It's amazing what you can find at the back of your closet! :D Pretty skirt, Elle. : )

    The dress looks really good on you. You might have enabled me, but I'll wait for a sale, if anything.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  4. Loving that first outfit! Looks so feminine and well structured; that blazer is absolutely great!

    Now, don't think I'm an ugly creep or anything, but, I couldn't help noticing... GREAT legs!! Ahaha seriously, you've got such a beautiful shape! Makes me want to work out now so I can look a bit like that! Ô w Ô)/

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  5. That skirt is so flowy and pretty :) I tried to look for that H&M dress this weekend but I couldn't find it. I probably didn't try hard enough though - H&M on the weekends can be a headache.

  6. Darling, is it an entire block of a 72 oz of laffy taffy or are their individual pieces? I need to know because breaking off (or ripping off? taffy is a little chewy) chunks of a massive block of laffy taffy would be hilarious. WHERE are you spilling out in your dress? I think it fits fine on you but if it is uncomfortable than I agree with an exchange. I see your F21 shoes! That platform is so cute.

  7. Yesss I'm so glad you got the Navy instead! The beige is pretty but on my skin tone the bf said I just looked like a big block of nude. The navy though is classic.

    Glad I'm not the only one who orders bulk candy online. Have you tried sour strawberry straws? Not the "power straws" by airhead brand...the lesser known brand ones. I had it at a NYC deli and became obsessed. Can't find them in Boston so I will have to order online. Btw, have you been to the discount candy store in NYC? My friend only told me after it was closed on a Sunday, and I was so depressed.

  8. And PS - I agree with sizing up b/c it's a flowier drses, but I hope the 4 won't be too low on you. The overall fit of a 4 was passable on me, EXCEPT for the show it all neckline.

  9. @Orphin Lasz THANK YOU. :) I am so flattered. I grew up really hating my legs so it's always a surprise that people seem to think they are ok. :)

    @The Little Dust Princess hehe we mutually enable each other! I think this will look great on you, beware of low neckline though. :)

    @Petite Mom I just saw a comment you left on Jean's blog...is the Lanvin at H&M line really 50% off?! Do you mind picking some up for me? I usually just go to queens for food but rarely make it to manhattan unless i plan it.

    @Lisa - respect the shoes hhaha lisa if are still kids we'd be GREAT friends, united by our mutual disdain for authority and love for candy!

    @PetiteAsianGirl haha my bf had the same reaction to the nude...he doesn't "get" anything beige/nude/etc. I guess all straight men have that problem.

    @Banhannas no Hanna, unfortunately it's just 6 12oz bags of mini laffy taffy. I do love giant candy though...the size alone has me sold. :)

    @curls-and-pearls haha I sometimes leave H&M empty handed because I just can't stand the music. If you look hard enough there's always something interesting...which is bad for the wallet!

  10. ^^^this one is an enabler, for sure! (but mb b/c she looks so good in it, we all wish we can look just as good if we picked up the same item.) Though I think I will give the beige a try. I need more blush colors in my closet. and will probably give it a different belt than the same blush color belt it comes with. and now that I am twiterring (<<sounds like twitching), I can post it while i'm in the dressing room, as if y'all are shopping w/me. How fun!

  11. ohh pretty pink skirt!
    i saw the nude color and the navy as well. i was very attracted to the nude color, but i can see what you mean. i think that color might work on someone with very tan/dark skin. the blue looks great on you elle.

  12. i love the H&M dress!! it's so pretty and super versatile. and are those floral mary janes?!! they look just like the Forever 21 ones!

    cute and little

  13. The blue dress looks good in the front but a bit tight in the back....ahaha, don't you just love when you find stuff in your closet that you did not know you had? I can't help but notice you own a lot of pink skirts :)

  14. Girl, you be crazy. WHERE IS IT? HRRM. Well maybe do a comparison between the fit? H&M can be weird with sizing. Sometimes I can't even pull the zipper in a size 2 and sometimes the size 4 can't even stay on my body.

  15. damn girl you seriously have some smoking hot legs!

  16. Another one of my loves, next to ruffles and lace and everything girly, is asymmetrical hemlines. So you bet I like that pink skirt on you.

    Like Hanna says, what's wrong with the dress?! I see no spillage either.

  17. Very impressive....you exchanged your item and didn't look around! (I must learn to be strong like you ;) I'm glad to see you got that dress that Jean reviewed, it's so cute! I think this size is perfect on you btw, where exactly are we supposed to be looking for the "spilling"?...I'm not flattering you, seriously, where? I hear you on the Laffy Taffy! My dentist used to give me a withering look everytime I showed up in his office with Charlestown chews in my braces! Lol

  18. Oooh I love the hem of that pink skirt - lots of visual interest there! Not sure I see any "spilling" either so I'm a little confused?

  19. I adore that LBD, esp the exposed zipper in the back. You're rocking it!

  20. i tried on the gold dress at h&m and it didn't look soo hot on me either! i didn't see the navy! shoot, now i wana go back haha!

  21. I like the dress on you Elle! You look great in everything:)

  22. @Lisa thank you!

    @SewPetiteGal i am adding a picture to show you all. :) haha you all are too nice!

    @Callandra callandra, you flatter me. i am so bad about resisting temptation so my new strategy is to make a mental list of things to do and only do them. only works half the time though. :)

    @Cee just for you Cee just for you. :)

    @Banhannas hanna, i am going to take you to an eye doctor. look at those underarm fat :)

    @Jarucha hehe you caught me. I do own too many pink skirts but it's my favorite color. :)

    @kileen kileen, those are the same f21 ones that you got! :)

    @Ping so was i until i put it on and it made my skin look dirty. :( I actually think you can pull of the nude since you are lighter skinned.

    @AubreyOhDang! i would just like to reiterate how awesome it is you joined twitter. :) looking forward to getting to know you better

  23. @Really Petite thank you annie, you are too sweet!

    @Sandy a la Mode ooo go back go back. the navy is darling! :)


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