OOTD: Anthropologie-Inspired

February 08, 2011

Lisa at Respect the Shoes has a reader feature every week and I always admired the style of those ladies that send in their outfit photos. I finally decided to partake in this this week's challenge (which was to create an Anthro-Inspired look without using any pieces from Anthropologie - which is fine by me because I don't own much from Anthropologie since the sizing is off for me).  

I ended up just wearing this outfit to work after adding some tights for warmth.

Dress: BB Dakota
Cardigan: J. Crew
 And the items I am parting with today are the following:

Charter Club Button-Down shirts in red, black and colorful stripes (all in petite size 2). All worn maybe once each.

And a small Dooney and Bourke Heart Crossbody Flap Bag: It's new but since it's been in storage for years it's wrinkled. There is also a smidge at the bottom that I can't tell if it's removable. I also tried to punch a new hole when I first got that failed so that's full disclosure.
To claim these you'll just be responsible for the shipping cost, but please leave a comment below so we know it's claimed. Thank you!

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  1. Elle what a pretty dress! I feel like an old person saying this.. but you look lovely :)

  2. Hi Elle! You are looking lovely, as noted from the reader above. I'm surprise by how well the black heels and the brown cardigan works. I'm also one of those who fear the black/ brown combo.

    I also love the lime green bag! I have a slight obsession with green. =/ If no one else is laying claims for it, may I?


  3. Hi, Elle! Such a cute dress! Yes, very Anthro indeed:) Great job! I'm doing a bit of spring cleaning myself lol It's an unending battle lol Love the D&B bag! -AB


  4. I am so obsessed with floral dresses at the moment and really love the one you have on! It goes perfectly with your cardi for a warmer look and I'm sure it looks great sans cardi for spring/summer :)

  5. I love the outfit. It's girlie but not too pretty. Good for spring and summer.

  6. @SewPetiteGal does that mean we'll see a lovely handmade dress showcased on your blog soon!? :)

    @The Owl's Closet another fellow spring cleaner! I am struggling a bit but will try to persevere. :)

    @Gracie Thank you Gracie!

    The bag is actually yellow (sorry if the lighting made you think it was lime green). If you still want it send me your mailing address and I'll get it out to you by the end of the week. My email is fastfoodandfastfashion(at)gmail(dot)com

    @s Thank you Sophia. :) Coming from you it's a really great compliment

  7. Your outfit is really cute, I'm really liking a bunch of BB Dakota stuff lately. And the buckle on that bag is awesome! BTW if you try to add holes to leather often, I recommend a leather hole punch like this (http://www.amazon.com/Heavy-Rotary-Leather-Punch-Sizes/dp/B001D65JWY). I have this one and it's worked well, my sister even asked me to punch holes in a bunch of her belts as a birthday present, hah.

  8. Cute outfit, Elle! Would go perfectly in an Anthro catalog.

    How come you didn't tell us you were featured on Smashion yesterday!? Cuz it was a good read! I only discovered it after reading Kristen's.

  9. How adorable Elle! I love that J.Crew cardi- is it old/new and what size is it?

  10. lady, when are you NOT shopping?! I bought my Ann Taylor blouse last yr? You can fine similar ones on Asos.com.

  11. Ditto Khatu's comment. =P But I like your Anthro inspired outfit...great floral print! =)

  12. Love the dress. You look so beautiful in it. :)

  13. I love the floral print dress, so very pretty!!

  14. @Callandra Thanks Callandra!

    @Vicky Thank you Vicky!

    @Stylepint @I am Khatu I know I know. I am terrible. :( I have cut back quite a bit this year but it's a constant struggle. :(

    @Really Petite Hi Annie. It's from J. Crew and it's 100% cashmere and from last year. I think it's the same style as the one in stores now! I am wearing XS regular and it's slightly big on me so it'll be giant on you. I think you should go XXS if you are interested. They don't carry petite for cardigans. :(

  15. @Cee haha Cee, I forgot to link it. I'll include it in tomorrow's post, glad you found it interesting. I didn't want to bore people with more about myself. ;)

    @Grace Thank you! (are you the same Grace from the Cali meet up?) I actually acquired a leather hole puncher but this unfortunate experience was from before I discovered petite blogs. :)

  16. Cute!! I remember you posting that dress before...love it!

    I do not own any BB Dakota items. Do you know if their xs fits consistently well?

  17. Your outfit reminds me of autumn! I love it since it's my favourite season. :P

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  18. great job creating an anthro-inspired outfit!! i really love the beautiful print of the dress.

    cute and little
    come check out the color brigade!

  19. @kileen thank you Kileen!

    @The Little Dust Princess it's my second favorite! I miss autumn...sigh.

    @Michelle I have found BB Dakota dresses to run pretty consistently small though I would only stick to their more elastic-y items. Sophia reviewed them a while ago and the dresses were way too big on her. I think BB Dakota tend to fit smaller on top and rather big below the waist!


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