Lanvin (x H&M) at Last

February 20, 2011

You may recall my rather daunting task of trying to wake up at 2AM to fight the crowds at the Lanvin x H&M opening last November. You may also remember me failing because of crazy traffic. In any case, there was no Lanvin (even the H&M version) for me.

The hope had died with the insane prices that the collection was going for on *bay. I just can't get myself to pay the Buy It Now price of $499 for a dress that originally retailed for $199. I mean, I can get normal (though previous season) Lanvin for about that much on *bay. What sparked my interest again was PetiteMom's comment on one of Extra Petite's posts...I had gone back to leave a comment and caught a glimpse of the word "Lanvin" in her response. Intrigued, I read on. She mentioned that some NYC H&M stores had the Lanvin collection for 50% off. I never dare go shopping in Soho by myself because my arms can't carry 20 bags but armed with bf (who has become a pro at juggling numerous shopping bags), I ventured into the two H&M stores on Broadway.

Lo and behold, just as bf started to develop his angry face because of the screechingly loud music that pounded my ear drums, we discovered two racks of sale items in the corner of the basement. And I was immediately drawn to three dresses that were Lanvin (two in the style that I picked up - I bought the size 2 and the size 8 may still be there. And a rather destroyed dress of this design in a lone size 6). I hate NYC sales tax but was happy I saved half off.

thankfully the size 2 fit...I am typically a size 4 at H&M. The only things that may require some DIY are the straps, which are too long on me.

This beauty was also spotted on fabulous 9to5 Chic.

My other lucky find? This dress that did not appear to be marked down and was thrown in with all the Spring arrivals. I found the dress in a size 6 and was drawn to it because it looked so familiar to me but I couldn't find it in my size. I took it to checkout and was hoping they can direct me to a store that would have it. Turns out it was a past season item and is now $7!!! (down from $59.95?)

It was on my way home that I suddenly remembered where this dress was from. It was the lovely draped lace dress with POCKETS(!!!) that Extra Petite had picked up last fall and I hesitated (because of the color...I am bad at keeping cream dresses clean) and the dress sold out. With alterations this $7 dress will probably end up costing about as much as retail but it's totally worth it because hopefully it'll end up being the perfect fit.

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  1. this floral dress is stunning!

  2. Glad you found the treasure rack, the dresses look beautiful on you! ^_^

  3. You got discounted H$M x Lanvin SHUT UP! What a great deal. =0D I think your shoulders are too slim for the dress, perhaps you can take it in the upper torso area or maybe it just need the strap fix? Either way, I'm teeming with jealousy! Boo and that absolute steal on that dress, it looks like it just needs some minor adjustments.

  4. I am glad you were able to track down the Lavin for H&M dress. I know you'll rock that dress. I was in love with the dress that Jean worn on her post. My local H&M do not carry "Trend" line. I can't believe you scored that dress for $7.00. Great deal! I am sure it'll look lovely on you after alterations.

  5. ohhhhh i love the floral dress on you.. you seriously well bright colors so incredibly well!!

    i love the lace detailing on the creme dress too!

  6. I actually saw a lot of Lanvin x H&M dresses a week after it came out in stores! They mostly looked like returns. I guess the women decided that they have nowhere to wear them. haha Some of the designs are really bold! Question: Why do you censor *bay? : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  7. that floral dress is so unique. i love the color against your skin.
    OMG i can't believe you got that dress for $7. what a steal. i remembering seeing it on jean and loving it.

  8. $7 - what a deal!!!! You look so lovely in both dresses.

  9. I love that cream dress, and $7 is a steal! I tried on the black version last autumn, but sadly the length didn't work out for me. With minor alterations it looks like it'll be perfect on you.

  10. @The Little Dust Princess I censor *bay because I have heard that it leads a lot of unwanted searches to your site? I don't want to mingle with that crowd. :) It's probably not a big deal but has just become a habit.

    @lisa Thank you Lisa, I agree that brighter colors seem to compliment my darker skin tone better. :)

    @PetiteLittleGirl I can't believe it either I also loved the dress on Jean but missed out because I waited too long.

    @Banhannas Sorry Hanna...if you were there shopping with me we probably would've hit all 9(?) H&M in NYC and came back with more Lanvin love. Alas, you are too far away. :(

    @Jennifer Thank you. I feel lucky! :)

    @Nadia Aboulhosn I totally agree. I love it!

  11. @En Bouton ahhh, it was probably too short on you, you lucky long-legged girl! :) I wish I had that problem. :) I actually think if you tried on the cream you would've totally loved seems like the kind of feminine frocks that you would be drawn to. :)

    @The Girlie Blog Thank you! :)

    @Ping I know, I feel so lucky. It was the find of the century. I have wanted it for so long and can't believe I actually found it by accident!

  12. @Elle You guessed it... it was above mid-thigh length on me. I never saw the cream instore, but you're right, I definitely prefer it to the black. I have pictures of it saved in my style inspiration folder. :)

  13. Elle!! You lucky, lucky girl. Do you have any idea how jealous I am right now that you got your hands on a Lanvin x H&M item? Not even that, but for half off?! If I had to pick a dress for you from the collection, this would be it. Ruffles, feminine, floral, flirty. This is SO YOU.

  14. I really love that color on you and the dress is sooo unique....congratulations on your fabulous finds!!

  15. I saw your response to petite mom, then saw you tweet about NYC, and secretly hoped that you were able to store some lanvin for yourself! Great deal on the dresses, I liked it on Anh too.

    And OMG when I saw $7...if it was a sz 2 I would've died haha. I hope it's not too hard to alter and you'll have to show us the results! That's probably the most I've paid at H&M but it is oh so pretty. Interestingly enough, I've seen one or two at local stores recently but they ewre tagged as full price. I wonder....!

  16. I just returned the cream dress (literally just yesterday) in size 2!! But it was full price at $60 and it just wasn't worth it to me...

    For $7, def worth it:)

  17. Yay for finding one of the coveted Lanvin dress!!! I'm soooo happy for you and just love that print and style on you! I found the H&M trench dresses that PAG reviewed - do you want me to pick you up one and ship it to you? Just let me know! They had olive, khaki, and one other color that currently escapes me.

  18. @SewPetiteGal thank you for offering! I really want to say please help me get one but I don't know which size to get. I can sometimes fit the size 2 at HM but more often than not the size 4 fits better. This past weekend I tried on a similar trench item and the size 2 was loose on me so I am all confused. :(

  19. @Really Petite wow, what a coincidence! The manager at the NYC store told me that their central system shows it as $7.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Cee, I am sure they are still out there somewhere! Are you still interested in getting a piece or are you over the collection completely?

  22. That dress looks lovely on you!! So femme and fantastic! I'm so glad I was able to help you find the Lanvin for H&M dress. And apologies to your bf for creating the drag out to NY situation...hehe...but so worth it right?


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