It's Already Here: Amazon Necessary Objects Review

February 04, 2011

I have to give Amazon credit for shipping an order this quickly. Bf has Amazon Prime and ordered for me and what should've been a two-day service only took one night to get here. Here's the mediocre and the bad.

I got both the Chrome and the Black in size XS. The fit isn't perfect but because I have so few "dress" pants I am keeping them. Giant waist gap but because I wear them lower on my hip it doesn't bother me. Note that for some reason the black ones were a bit looser in the leg area than the chrome. This brand has inconsistent sizing even between colors.

Inseam turns out to be perfect on me because I have short-ish legs. Here's a picture of me wearing them without heels:
With heels:
The Chrome:

I really wanted to love this but I just can't get it to work for me. I know that boyfriend blazers are supposed to be slouchy and relaxed but I just can't pull this off.

 Belting it didn't help, maybe I am approaching this wrong.
This order is a pretty big flop but Amazon is offering free returns so I am not too bummed. I feel bad that I spoke so highly of Necessary Objects though - all the other dresses I have tried on ran so small!

I tried to get this review in as soon as possible in case anyone else ordered thinking they would be small. Sorry Ping, I owe you one! Maybe you can still cancel?

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  1. oh wow, i'm surprised that their clothes ended up so big on you. i had such high hopes too! oh well, thanks for the update.

    cute and little

  2. Those "dress pants" looks absolutely horrible and ridiculous on you. You have such a nice figure, I'm sure you can find better fitting pants!

  3. @Anonymous Thanks for your frank comment. I really appreciate it. I am content with my shape but I do have a hard time finding flattering should see when I go pants shopping, it's a hot mess. I'll sit on these pants for a weekend and if I still feel good about them on Monday I'll keep them but I'll definitely take your suggestion to heart. Thank you. :)

    @kileen Me too Kileen, me too. I am disappointed but feel worst about recommending them earlier. :(

  4. elle-- jean alerted me about your shout out. i just signed onto amazon and unfortunately it is too late for me to cancel. you didn't end up getting the Necessary Objects Junior's Double Knit Slim Leg Pant? i hope they are an exception and runs super small....haha. :P

  5. Oh Elle, I'm so sad these didn't work out for you. I think you tried your best to make it work, but this is one of those cases that only a tailor could fix. The fit is just not flattering. I wonder if it would be on anyone?! Thank goodness for free return shipping!

  6. @Cee Thanks Cee. I really wanted them to work but I think ultimately the fit is just off. I don't understand why the dresses are sized so differently!

    @Ping Ping, I am SOOO SOOOO SORRY. I didn't mean to mislead you, I honestly thought they would have more stretch to them. sigh. In good news I found a Free People coupon for 15% off, if you are interested/not on a ban let me know and I'll send it to you.

  7. thank god for alterations i guess? haha!! but wow, i'm surprised they have such inconsistency on their sizings.


  8. omg the blazer<33 I loved it on the model. It fit her perfectly! Such a shame it doesn't work out for you. Major major major RETURN. If you really want a boyfriend blazer, I can look out for Aritzia ones for you. You know the wool bf blazer I have in dark grey? They come in a few colours and are really nicely fitted : ) (see here) Price tag is probably around $100 though. Very worth it if it fits well. Jen (frmheadtotoe) asked me to find her one too so it would not be a hassle!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  9. No fun that your order didn't work out! The blazer definitley looks much better belted, but I agree its a definite return!

  10. Wow on the fast shipping but Eek on the fit! Thank goodness for free returns. I tried to order a Miss Sixty coat using your Amazon promo but because the percentage off exceeded $40, it wouldn't let me use the code. Ultimately a good thing for the wallet, thanks for posting about the sale!

  11. Too bad the items did not work out! Luckily dress pants are so common, I am sure you can find something better!

  12. Oh wow, those pants are HUGE on you!! It is very difficult to find dress/work pants. One of my challenges as well. Lucky for you you have great legs and look AMAZING in skirts and dresses!

  13. Oh no!...I'm so sorry those didn't work out for you!! Everything was so big!!

  14. Wow- everything is gigantic on you! What a bummer:(

  15. That's too bad... but I guess at least there's free returns so no $$ wasted. Thanks for the review though... this is pretty much why I'm always so hesitant to try new brands!

  16. Ha! I don't comment much but I do follow this blog... and I got excited and bought the blazer when you posted about it! Lol It's not here yet but we'll see what happens :)

  17. @Nalini7 oh no! I hope it works out better for you...I feel so bad that I recommended it too early. I'll try to only recommend things I know for sure in the future. Sorry! Let me know how it works out for you!


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