Gilt Personal Offering : Tracy Reese Jersey Draped Strapless Dress

February 02, 2011

Gilt has a nifty feature that allows buyers to put themselves on a waitlist in the highly likely event that your item sells out (which usually occurs within five minutes of a sale starting). I have picked up a few items using this wait list feature but since I am focusing on building another part of my wardrobe (the professional aspect of it), I have been trying to reduce the number of cocktail dresses that I buy. 

This Tracy Reese dress is available in size P (the smallest) to size M.

 Photo Source : Gilt

I don't get any referral credit if you purchase it using the first link provided, it's just a direct link to the dress. If you need a referral, here is mine. I do get credit if you sign up using the referral link and make a purchase but if you have an existing account you can just access the first link to get to the dress since it's a private offering.

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  1. You know, I think Gilt changed their referral program and now you get free shipping after 10 friends have signed up - no purchase required.

    And that is a SUPER cute dress. Makes me wish I had a place to wear it :)

  2. I love the colour and the back of the dress. Still deciding on if I like the front or not. =\

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  3. isn't it crazy how quickly items on GILT sell out? i also need to stop buying cocktail dresses...i haven't even worn some of mine yet I continue to buy them. ^^

  4. @Downtown Diaries It really is!!! I need to stop buying cocktail dresses you should put some of your rarely worn ones on your blog sale. I bet people will eat it up (aka me) and then you can relocate the funds for new dresses! Win-win?!

    @The Little Dust Princess haha, I am the opposite. I am sold on the front of the dress but unsure about the front!

    @Erin yup! I meant to put that in the posts...I can never seem to add enough referrals. Any recommendations for my dilemma?

  5. I've personally given up on getting free shipping! 10 people signing up is a joke - I feel like the only way to be successful is to spam your friends and tell them to sign up, then after you get your free shipping, tell them they can delete their accounts. So, I think that program stinks quite honestly! :)


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