Gilt Personal Offering : Alice Ritter Loveley Draped Dress

February 01, 2011

I put myself on a waitlist last month for this dress but I am trying to curb unnecessary dress purchases. This Alice Ritter dress is on sale for $49, down from $231. The design looks like something from the Spring 2009 collection but I can't find the exact showroom picture.

 Photo Source : Gilt

Here's the link to the dress. Only available in size 0 and in the light pink color shown above. I don't get any referral credit if you purchase it, it's just a direct link to the dress. If you need a referral, here is mine. I do get credit if you sign up using the referral link and make a purchase but if you have an existing account you can just access the first link to get to the dress since it's a private offering.

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  1. Bad girl! :p

    So did you end up making the purchase...or are you still debating?

  2. Oooo..are you getting it? I am so curious to see how it fits!!!

  3. wow im not so sure about the front of this dress. looks like a big bag.

  4. @AubreyOhDang! Haha I had similar concerns too but in the close up it actually looks a lot better. I passed but would've gotten it if I didn't have a billion dresses already. I have questionable taste, I know. :)

    @Really Petite Nope, didn't end up getting it. :)

    @Michelle Hi Michelle, no dress for me. I am on a no random dresses ban. :)


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