First OTK Boot Experience: Matisse Women's Buccaneer Suede Tall Boot

February 05, 2011

I am late to this trend but I have been searching for a pair of high quality OTK (over the knee) boots for some time now and finally decided to take the plunge when I stumbled across these on Amazon. They were well reviewed on both Amazon and Endless (sold out on Endless and only available in select sizes on Amazon) and in spite of the $4.99 return shipping charge I ordered them anyway. 

They were rather easy to put on despite the fact that they are a snug fit on my bulkier calves (which waver between 13-13.5 inches, the difference is most significant after a long run). I personally like them but am not sure if I am just wearing the new purchases goggle which is known to cloud judgment.

So, barring an overwhelming expression of dislike from you all, I think these are keepers. Anyone else had luck with OTK boots?

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  1. I like! I hope you keep them.

  2. I like them. I am on the fence about this trend (I have a hard time justifying something that I cannot wear to work and I don't think I could wear those to my job and I don't do a hell of a lot on the weekends that merits this type of boot). That being said, I've been watching the first two seasons of The Tudors on BBCA and Showtime and suddenly I am craving some 16th century clothes, and most of the men back then sported over the knee boots. So now i want to dress like Henry VIII.

    Keep them. But PLEASE return the Necessary Objects pants. Those are not worth any money at all.

  3. I really like them! I think they look great on you and I'm sure you'll be able to style them a tonne of ways.

  4. It's a KEEPER!!

    The boot looks great

  5. They look great on you!! Definitely keep them. I have a pair of OTK boots myself and I love them. (was my first pair as well)

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Better late than never! They fit you great and I like how they're flat-heeled.

  8. I'm glad you're keeping those boots, because I think you can definitely rock them well! I really like them!

    My big sis has a pair of OTK boots but I don't think I can pull them off!

  9. i love over the knee boots! i think they pull the outfit together so well, and you look great in yours!

  10. I really like them and I think you will be able to style them into so many outfits!....Can't wait to see!!!

  11. @Callandra thank you Callandra. I hope I don't let you down with my outfit choices. You are always impeccably dressed.

    @Carolyn Thank you. I am in love with them too.

    @Lisa - respect the shoes Lisa, you never know! I didn't think these would work for me but I think they sort of did? Maybe they'll be the same for you. I am working on your challenge - so hard for me to capture the anthro spirit!

    @Cee heehee I live on the outermost edge...I am slow to try new trends. But I am glad I tried this out! I was thinking they look a tiny bit hooker-ish but I love the length!

    @The Little Dust Princess hehe guess who inspired me to get with the trend?

    @H Rija Thank you!

    @curls-and-pearls Me too. Glad I wasn't delusional...which I am prone to be. :)

    @Stylepint Thanks :)

    @littlenashua Kerry, I am SO UNDECIDED about the N.O. pants...I really like the fact that they are a loose fit around the leg and kind of tapered toward the bottom. I have a really hard time finding flattering pants because of my leg size/shape. :( And I have been meaning to get into the Tudors...heehee I will probably want to dress like Henry VIII too.

    @I am Khatu Keeping. If you approve I can't go wrong. :)

  12. i really like these boots and they fit your legs really well. i say keep!

    cute and little

  13. They look really great on you but I am one of those that are suspect about this OTK trend. Will it last? Regardless, they fit your nice legs and make them look a mile long:)

  14. I think these are nice! They seem to fit better than my LOFT ones actually. For OTK boots, I prefer suede over leather because I think that tones it down a bit (less dominatrix lol) and more wearable :)

  15. super sexy elle. a definite keeper! they fit and hug your legs really nicely. i been wanting a pair, but have been too lazy to look for a pair.

  16. The boots are super cute, I love them!! Very nice.


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