ASOS PETITE Tailored Drummer Girl Tulip Dress

February 18, 2011

The bf is here this weekend so I won't be able to spend any time blogging or reading blogs so I have scheduled a few ASOS reviews ahead of time to fill the void. 

I don't want to support blatant plagiarism of designs but I just can't justify spending $1895 on this gorgeous Halston Stretch-wool Epaulet dress knowing I'll wear it maybe twice. I was ecstatic when I stumbled across this Tailored Drummer Girl Tulip Dress on ASOS because it was even better (in my opinion) with gold buttons.

(disclaimer: I know I said I'd stay away from ASOS indefinitely but I had to try this dress out and since I was already at it I added two other dresses that I wanted to try months before to the order)

I ended up with an UK size 4 (I am normally an UK size 6 but this one had enough stretch) and I would say I am happy with the fit but not crazy about the length. I looked online and the measurements that ASOS gave for the petite and regular length is the difference of one inch...which doesn't seem like enough. The tulip skirt kind of cuts off my legs in an awkward way so I think I might try to get this hemmed 1/2-1 inch.

I ordered a total of three dresses in my most recent order and I am actually (sort of) happy with all of them. The material used for this dress is nice and thick unlike the flimsy construction I've seen previously in some ASOS garments.

The sideview's not terrible either.

I am fairly certain this is a keeper and I think while a hem might make it look closer to the stock photo I don't know if that would make it too inappropriate for events with a more serious tone.

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  1. I really like the waistband, it really brings in the dress. I actually like the length of it but another inch taken from hemming would probably give you more of that volume if you want it. =0D Red is such a nice color on ya! Have fun with your boyfriend! Mr. B and I are kinda long distance, we are 1.5hr apart so we cherish each moment we get to spend with each other.

  2. I abide by the fingertip rule. It looks like taking the hem up another inch or so would still be ok. There's always the option of dark tights too. Dark tights + shorter hems = perfectly ok for even some professional environments :)

    I'm glad to see this is a good buy, especially from ASOS!

  3. I was seriously thinking about ordering that dress few weeks ago. This dress looks darling on you. Is the material ponte-like? Have fun this weekend with your man. I love your shoes too. Where are they from?

  4. If you want to make it a little more conservative for work events, just throw on some black tights and maybe a blazer! :) Perfect!

  5. I really like the look of this dress on you....I probably wouldn't have it shortened, but I'm a bit more conservative I think.

  6. I love the dress (especially it looks good on you)

  7. Aww! So pretty!

    I love my casual dresses my vote is shorten! However, if you want to use this for professional/serious events, do not shorten it!

    I cannot wait to see the other two items! I also want my ASOS order to arrive!! Getting anxious!!!

    Have fun with the bf!! :)

  8. ohhh i love that color on you!! the red plus gold buttons to boot! so cute!

    but i def think you need to take it up and inch or two.. and if you pair it with tights like on netaporter version.. i think it's totally work appropriate!

  9. i love red on you and this dress looks really nice on you. i agree that hemmed up an inch or so and it would flatter your legs a lot more. and what cute red shoes too!

    cute and little

  10. The dress has a very distinctive look and I think it looks pretty good on you. Honestly, I'd probably let it out an extra inch longer so it'd look more sophisticated. But perhaps that's just me being conservative. =P

  11. That dress fits you beautifully, and I love the color. It's a classic piece you'll have around for awhile. *adding red sheath dress to my shopping list ASAP*

  12. I'm glad you found something at ASOS that's a keeper :) I only bought one dress from them so far, and the quality of the fabric didn't seem so good. I must say, this is my favorite ASOS purchase from you. I think it fits really nice. If you have the time and money, then hemming it about one inch would probably be better for your legs. But it looks fine as is, in my opinion, if you were planning on wearing this to a more conservative environment :)

  13. wow that looks sooo cute!
    how much did this dress cost?

  14. I really like this! I just ordered a peter pan collar dress from ASOS myself :) I can't wait to wear it!

  15. Cute clothes, very fit and styling on you, you look great:)


  16. Red looks amazing on you! <3

  17. This is a total keeper! I love the ASOS version in both of the colours they offer. It looks amazing on you, Elle!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  18. Crap...I love this dress and now want it. Do you see what you do to me? The red is gorgeous! I'm not a "red" kind of person but this dress looks so nice!

  19. elle-- this is such a cute little red dress! i can see it styled so many maybe a blouse underneath...heehee...i hope you keep it!

  20. I love the red...bold and eye catching. I like this length but its up to you. I like this dress more than the blue one but I'm not a guy. Haha.

  21. @lisa I think tights would make it look better, thanks for the suggestion!

    @kileen thanks Kileen!

    @Stylepint I wonder if that's doable...I'll def. look into it!

    @Kristen hehe good thing red sheath dresses are readily available! I think you'll look terrific in red with your beautiful blond hair!

    @olyvia I think I am keeping this as is and I am afraid further hemming would ruin the design. :(

    @Ina This is about 490 now but I got it for under $60 when they had a promotion earlier in the month! :)

    @Francesca ooo I can't wait to see it on you!

    @Fashion is me Thanks.

    @April Thank you April!

    @The Little Dust Princess yay with your blessing Jessy Im keeping this forever!

    @Really Petite uh oh. This also came in navy but you can totally pull off red. Your tan is so freakin' incredible and would make this red look so good!

    @Ping oooo such a great idea! I will definitely try this out!

    @Jarucha haha I like this more too, you and I have better taste than stupid boys. :)

  22. @Banhannas I thought so too but now looking at the dress think it can be easily ruined. I think I am keeping it as is. :)

    @Cee dark tights are totally my first option now and I'll definitely look into it!

    @PetiteLittleGirl Oh, why did you decide against purchasing it? The shoes are Juicy Couture...several years old?

    @Barbie great idea, I'll definitely try out this terrific idea!

    @Callandra I agree with you, I think shortening will for sure make it all of a sudden too short.

    @H Rija thank you!

    @Michelle I think I am keeping this length because I am afraid I might ruin it. :(

  23. oooo, another red dress. Alright I'm reading your blog backwards, trying to catch up. :) I love this one even better. Are you keeping both? You look great in red.


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