ASOS Petite Ponti Dropped Waist Pleat Skirt Dress in Red

February 20, 2011

I was on the fence about this ASOS Petite Ponti Dropped Waist Pleat Skirt Dress in red when ordering but ultimately gave it a try because it was long sleeve. I had suspicions that it would arrive and be of a thinner blend but it's actually quite warm for early Spring. 

I have already worn it out once and it's very comfortable though I had to wash it after I got it because of a strong industrial scent that accompanied the package. This dress doesn't photograph well but I personally thought it was rather cute in person and I received a few compliments from strangers so I think the photos for once didn't do them justice.

Dress: ASOS Petite Ponti Dropped Waist Pleat Skirt Dress - US P2/UK P6
Shoes: Forever 21 Floral Maryjanes - 7
I am wearing size UK6 and that is typically the size that best suits me. I am contemplating placing an order for the navy when prices go down more.

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  1. Great color! I love the length of this. This is a fun dress to many options! You could make the shoes work by matching the accessories to them!

    Thanks for all your asos reviews! Mine will be up this weekend...just got my order in on Saturday, and all are keepers!! :)

  2. That's a pretty dress... The color stands out

  3. ooh, this dress is nice! It fits you really well. I think the style looks great by itself because of the vibrant color, or with a long necklace to change it up, and a blazer for the workplace. So many ways to wear it! Good find!

  4. I actually like the shoes with the dress! The shoes play off the red and I think with a pair of dark tights, you wouldn't notice the ankle strap too much.

  5. I have to agree with Lisa that the shoes go great with the dress! Red is a very nice color on ya and I love the casual look to this dress. Very Sunday afternoon tea. (I don't know why I'm so specific lol)

  6. I think the shoes look great with the dress! I love the bright color of it too.

  7. I like the dropped waist and shorter skirt. It balances out the long sleeves well. You look very cute, Elle!

  8. @Michelle just read your review! Your new ASOS items are GORGEOUS! :)

    @Carla Violet thanks! :)

    @olyvia ooo...I hadn't thought of that. Thanks!

    @Lisa - respect the shoes I think that's a great idea! Thanks for the idea :)

    @Banhannas thanks Hanna...I think red is actually universally flattering. :) One of my fav colors!

    @FashionableAsians hehe the shoes are apparently more versatile than I thought. :)

    @Cee THANK YOU! :) That's what I was thinking too...I need more long sleeve dresses. :)

  9. love the color of that dress on you it's gorgeous!! you look so good in red!! i'm imaging you wearing it with a navy blue cardigan.. SO CUTE!

  10. You look great in dresses and skirts Elle!!! This color looks really nice on you!

  11. Love this dress on you, Elle. When I was your age, I had one just like that. My favorite color was red. haha.


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