Ann Taylor Spring Style Event

February 28, 2011

I mentioned this sale yesterday and just received an e-mail about it. Ann Taylor cardholders can take advantage of this sale today but for non-cardholders the sale officially begins tomorrow.

I was checking out but got distracted by some of their spring arrivals so currently my cart consists of.

Petite Femme Silk Trench in XXSP, bayleaf $278
Strapless Silk Georgette Gown in 00, Soft Coral $395
Perfect Exotic Pump in 7, Vachetta $178
And of course the Petite Shell with Necktie and Pintucks in Petrol, Rosemist and Pale Lemongrass
Petite Sleeveless Drape Top in XXSP, Dusty Teal $48
Will you be taking advantage of this sale? What's in your cart?

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  1. That mint tie neck shell is LOVELY.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  2. i love both shells you got! the blouse in the mint color is gorgeous! i have definitely been eyeing that color too. i hope you get all those things and model it for us!

  3. Oh I cannot wait to get that blouse...but still not cheap enough for me..LOL

    Thanks for the post!

  4. I love those necktie shells and like Ping, I'm looking forward to your reviews! No purchases for me this time around but will live vicariously through you :)

  5. loving the maxi dress xxx

  6. Oh I love that soft beige silk trench! I am worried that it might get wrinkley thought but who cares, the draping is nice. I really like the cool aqua color (even though it is similar to my college's rival colors) and I think it will be perfect for the spring. I'm thinking about getting one their suits though, the 25% off will be nice.

  7. I really like the Petite Shell with Necktie and Pintucks top too! I've been racking my mental closet to see if I own any tops from AT, and I don't think I do, so I'm stuck on the sizing. Is it similar to LOFT? What size do you plan on getting, Elle?

  8. ooh! ann taylor always have the best deals! gotta go check out the website now. thanks for the heads up!


  9. That gown is GORGEOUS! I've been looking for a black tie dress for a while, but everything I find is too $$ and often can't find a petite size.

    Love all your picks. I've tried on the drape top in the stores too, it's so sheeny and pretty, don't think it's for me though.

    Oh, so sad, I'm not an AT card holder. One of these days...

  10. I'm thinking of stocking up on belts. :)


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