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February 21, 2011

I held off on ordering the two tanks that Alterations Needed, Extra Petite, Really Petite (and a slew of other petites) found at the Ann Taylor outlet store because I can't decide between the choice of colors offered. I did however take advantage of the sale and found some things in stores.

All in all I am happy with the prices but the sizing is a little off on some styles.

The most interesting find of my trip is this Petite Tropical Wool Elysian Jacket in Soft Pewter that must have been several seasons old (later confirmed when I looked up a post that Extra Petite did last year). It was originally $228, on sale for $69.99 and only ~$42 with 40% off. It was a 0P and while it was slightly big on me I don't think it's too bad. I really want to find the matching skirt (skirt seen on Extra Petite here) even though it may be too matchy matchy.

I also bought this Solid Merino V-Neck Cardigan, originally $78 on final sale for $24.88 and ~$14.93 after 40% off , in several colors because I am slowly rebuilding my cardigan collection after donating the bulk of my previous collection. I am wearing XSP here. I really like this and I wore it to work today and it's really comfortable.

My should-have-been favorite find from my trips is this Tweed Atelier Cardigan that has been on my wishlist for many many weeks. It was $98, on sale for $54.99 and ~32.99 after the additional discount. I bought size XS as this was hanging lonesomely by itself. I love the design but I don't love how it fits me.

I also picked up this Petite Silk Charmeuse Fitted Top in 2P. It is a lovely color and 91% silk. I think this is much more flattering irl than in pictures. I think if this were made into a dress I would be all over it. It's hard to style this doesn't look exactly right tucked in but untucked looks even worse.

And this Petite Wool Sateen Jacket (on sale for $49.88, and less than $30 after the additional discount) in 0P was perhaps the best deal I found, the fit is loose but I can envision this getting a lot of wear in the Spring. It looks completely different on the model but I plan on wearing it differently anyway.

I also got the Tulle Bow Necklace, on sale for $49.99. After some thought I have decided to return it even though it's cute.

I am not infatuated with any of the returnable items but there is room in my work wardrobe for them. I would appreciate any feedback on which should definitely be returned. I think after the feedback I got earlier about the tweed cardigan it is definitely going back.

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  1. Out of all the items you posted, I really like the cardigan and white blazer on you, everything else just seems too awkward or fussy...if that's the right word. So keep those two items and return the rest.

    Then again, I'm an advocate of "less is more" and I'm trying to be pickier about my purchases too. I just hope I don't sound like I'm raining on your parade. =P

  2. @Stylepint Not at all Jess! I appreciate honest feedback because I sometimes don't see the flaws. I'll definitely take your opinion to heart! Thanks as always! :)

  3. Elle - I really really like the white blazer. My local store had a 0P and I was very sad there was no 00P to try on. It will definitely be versatile over your pretty dresses for spring.

    The first jacket...I wasn't a fan of it on me, even in 00p. I think it looks big and boxy on you and the ruffle detail hangs strangely on the jacket (when I saw it in person, anyways). I agree that the white blazer is the best find!

  4. So many great deals! Love the Tweed Atelier Cardigan on you. Fabulous.

  5. My least favorite is the Tweed Cardigan, those poor arms look constricted. Maybe you needed the petite sizing. =0(
    I really like the ruffle mauve jacket, it looks very Jackie esque and I like how it drapes on your torso! I say keep!
    The pink silk top looks like it can be a basic item but I'm not "too" crazy about the back. Maybe the ruching and gathered fabric at the back is causing it not be able to tuck properly?

  6. I love the white blazer...its so chic. I think you should return the Petite Tropical Wool Elysian Jacket though. Better things will come arond...and the pink silk top looks odd. Its final sale so not returnable, right? Maybe it'll look better if something is worn over it - perhaps the black cardigan over it?

  7. I really like the white blazer paired with the beige dress. Beautiful outfit! And you bought it for a great price :)

  8. Accessories are your best friend when things are too matchy matchy. They are mine at least :)

    The black cardi is a keeper. I'm guessing this was the one you ended up wearing today instead of the tweed?

    I'm on the fence about the charmeuse top. If you're hesitant, return, even if it's only $12.

    The white blazer is a keeper! Love the strong shouldered and boyfriend fit. It would be perfect for spring time.

  9. The silk top is a great colour, but I think it actually washes you out. I find it's hard to wear pinks when you're Asian (or is it just me?).

    The white blazer was an amazing find! I've been lusting after some white pants for the spring, but I'm fearful of collecting stains like it's a hobby, haha.

  10. much as I love the color of the first looks too mother-of-the-bride-ish! I think you can do better! I know how you are a sucker for that color, so do not let that distract you from what it is doing to your body...hiding it! I do like how it is styled on the model with a longer shell beneath...but I still do not think that would make it a keeper.

    Solid black cardigan and jacket are keepers! I love the necklace you picked out...but $50 seems pretty steep! I am sure you can find something similar for way cheaper!! But if it is love (because it is so pretty!), keep it! :)

  11. @Michelle Michelle, thank you for your comment. I have decided to return the first jacket after your response because it does resemble mother-of-the-bride too much. yikes.

    @xJOLE That's true. sigh. It's too bad it's final sale. At least it wasn't too expensive. :)

    @Cee the first jacket's going back...I can't shake myself of the image that it's matronly. Yup, the black cardigan was what I ended up wearing to work. :)

    @Kimberly thanks. :)

    @Jarucha I think so too. I'll try the cardigan over the silk top the time it seems like a good idea but I am having second thoughts.

    @Banhannas yikes, I agree. Though the fit was more loose than tight. The XS runs much bigger than normally.

    @Kristen It's gorg but the fit is off so it's going back. :(

    @PetiteAsianGirl The first jacket is def. going back now...the whole mother-of-the-bride thing mentioned later on did it. Thanks :)

  12. My favorite on you is the white blazer - I don't hink blazers need to be fitted all the time, it's nice to have a more casual look every once in a while. The cardigan is a great basic find too.

  13. I vote for all to go back (?). but if you really want to keep smthg, only keep the white blazer.

  14. I know the cardigan. I tried on a lilac one before and ended up not getting it (at $24 at the time) because I have too many cardis. A black basic is nice to have. I vote keep.
    The white blazer is nice, although I think it does look a tad big on you. Not a biggie though, you can go with the boyfriend oversized look. I can see you wear it often in the coming months.
    As for the rest, not a fan of them, especially the silk top. I saw it in person in the store and was wondering how on earth did AT expect people to style it. Or maybe it's just me?

  15. i think my fave might be the blazer. i can see that getting lots of use. i'd love to see it with skinny pants and a ruffly blouse!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Your taupe pumps are lovely :) and I like the white blazer; do you know how hard it is to find something like that that fits perfectly?? kudos to you :)

  18. @curls-and-pearls thanks. I think the white blazer is the one that worked out best.

    @AubreyOhDang! I know Aubrey, after looking at the pictures again I agree with you but some are Final Sale so I have to keep those. The rest are going back thanks to you all. :)

    @Vicky I got a bunch of colors and only noticed today that the fit is inconsistent. I think the silk top had potential but it's so hard to work with!

    @Ping hehe just for you I'll get myself some skinny pants (tho not hard to find when you have my thunder thighs :))

    @Chezka thank you! :)

  19. I like the white blazer best!!! And I couldn't decide either on the shells so I just ordered them all..LOL


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