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February 03, 2011

Please read this review first and if you are still interested in ordering proceed. But my order was a flop so if you are about my size things will be too big. I only got the tweed blazer and the first pair of pants.

Use code FORTYOFF at checkout. 

I don't know what happened to my browsing ban in the last two days but this has to stop. But it's stopping...after I place this order.

I ordered this Necessary Objects Tweed Boyfriend Blazer in XS. Originally $88, on sale for $44, and it's $26.40 after the additional 40% off. The lone review on Amazon didn't say much but it was well reviewed on Overstock where it sold out at $39.99. Read more here.

These Necessary Objects Pleated Pant with Pockets will probably be perfect for my short inseam since they are meant to be ankle length on an average height individual.

I ordered them in both black and chrome (a silver gray color). They were originally $58, on sale for $17.48, and $10.49 after the 40% discount.

I was also interested in these Necessary Objects Junior's Double Knit Slim Leg Pant but I am afraid they may be too tight on my bulkier legs.

7 For All Mankind included in this sale too. My favorite out of the bunch is the 7 For All Mankind Women's Roxanne Jean with Exaggerated Flap in Dark Rustic Canyon. Originally $189, half off for $94.50 and with additional discounts it is $56.70.

And for the smaller ladies they have Ella Moss Girls, I am pretty much in like with this Ella Moss Girls Coco Military Jacket. Only size 12 is on sale for some reason. Originally $77 (not worth it according to the review), on sale for $33.68, with additional 40% off only $20.21.

Petite favorite BB Dakota is also on sale. Amazon doesn't carry XS on most items but if you are a size or two sizes up from Jen or Liane the S should work.

My favorite of the bunch is this Jack BB Dakota Junior's Affrica Jacket...looking like a modern day Little Red Riding Hood. Was $70, on sale for $55, and only $33 after the additional 40% off.

I really wish this BB Dakota Junior's Bracken Coat is still available in a smaller size (only M and L left) because I would have gotten it without hesitation.

 Another coat I am excited about is the BB Dakota Junior's Clifton Coat. Was originally $130, on sale for $65, and after 40% off it's $39 with free shipping.

Sorry about all the coats, but they are just adorable. Like this BB Dakota Junior's Miner Coat, originally $130, on sale for $65, and after discounts only $39.

Amazon also carries BCBGeneration, also a petite friendly brand.

This BCBGeneration Body Con Skirt is reminiscent of my BCBG Max Azria Textured Skirt. This was $68, on sale for $34, now$20.40

Lastly, and curse my cocktail dress ban, this Betsey Johnson Women's Strapless Babydoll Dress. I know a lot of people will think it's a huge mess but look how poofy it is.

Amazon carries a lot of what I consider Macy-grade brands - so the likes of Nautica, Esprit, Necessary Objects, etc. I think this sale is a good opportunity to pick up some basics or even trendy things you wouldn't otherwise splurge on.

Free standard shipping on all purchase $25 and more. Free two-day shipping if you have Amazon Prime (thank you bf).

F.Y.I. This is Amazon's Return Policy on Clothing and Accessories.

Some items in our Clothing & Accessories Stores are sold by, and others are sold by Amazon Merchants.
Any unwashed, unworn clothing item shipped by may be returned. To make your clothing return, just visit our Online Returns Center and follow the guidelines. Amazon will process your return and issue a full refund with no deduction for shipping after receiving your return of the new qualifying Clothing & Accessories.
The sizing guidelines on our size charts are approximate. Actual sizes may vary between manufacturers.

Disclosure: this post includes affiliate links, if you make a purchase through the links I get a commission from Amazon.

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  1. Wow, you know, I never really browse clothes on Amazon but they seemed to have really nice things on sale! I'm amazed!! I really love the jackets and the bodycon skirt! I guess I have to go and take a look at their apparel section rather than electronics :-) xxooxxoo

  2. haha Elle, if we knew each other in real life, it'd be game over for our bank accounts. We'd probably enable each other everyday, even if we claim to stop shopping. :P I'm liking that tweed blazer! Can't wait to see how it looks on you :D You sure looked at a lot of coats! My fave out of those would be the Militarty Jacket!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  3. I've got to stop reading your blog! I shop Amazon all the time but never ever thought to look at their clothing department. There are some serious deals going on there! And I've got Amazon Prime so I'm so tempted...I'm just one click away...yikes!

  4. oh goodness, this post is no good for my shopping budget! that blazer looks so ridiculously cute and what a good deal at $26! i'm so tempted to get it for myself but am gonna practice some self-control. i can't wait to see everything on you. :)

    cute and little

  5. I love all of your picks, doll! I have a pair of Roxannes that I absolutely ADORE, so I know the lust feeling!
    xo Josie

  6. I never shop for clothes on Amazon but this is such great deal. I will have to check it out. Thanks for letting us know. The BCBG skirt is gorgeous :) Happy Friday

  7. I love Amazon! But never bought clothes from there before. I really like those skinny blk pants but wonder how they will fit...

    Thanks Elle!

  8. I didn't know they got clothes on Amazon! I bet it's only in the states and not canada, cuz states have the best of everything! haha. I buy cds and books from them all the time, but if I see that blazer on I would def buy it!

  9. elle-- i love the Necessary Objects Junior's Double Knit Slim Leg Pant!!! i like the color. i am this close to pulling the already at the sire....about to pull out my credit card....ok....ordered placed. LoL.

  10. Most excited to see you in the military jacket and the Betsey Johnson dress. I'm living buying and browsing vicariously through you for the next month!

  11. I have bought books, cd's and shoes off of amazon.......I didn't even know they sold clothes! I'd be wary buying though unless I was really familiar with the brand for sure! I'd really love to see that boyfriend blazer on you when you get it ;)

  12. Great find, Elle. LOL on your browsing ban restarting after this order. I can't wait to see how they fit on you. These deals seem extremely good, but I have NEVER ordered any of these brands and have no idea how their fit are. Thanks for sharing! Love the boyfriend blazer!!!

  13. @Vicky I know. I am BAD, really really BAD!

    @Callandra That's a good policy Callandra. The only consolation is that they offer free returns and free shipping which is nice.

    @Cee Oh Cee, I didn't get those. I wanted to though...I got the pants and the jacket and that was it.

    @Ping oh no Ping. I got my order already and it's a flop...I hope yours works out better. It's free shipping if that helps. ;( p.s. I read your most recent post but cant respond. I hope all is well!

    @Pop Champagne I hope they go to Canada soon!

    @Really Petite I think Ping ordered them...I am sure she'll give a great review!

    @PetiteLittleGirl BCBG is petite friendly so let me know if it works for you. It's ok on me but I am bigger than you.

    @Josie oooo they must look FAB on you!

    @kileen Sorry Kileen. It's a flop though so don't take my advice from now on. ;(

    @Petite Mom Sorry! I'll try to keep these haul and sale emails less appealing. I need to take control of my ban!

    @The Little Dust Princess Oh Jessy, you have NO IDEA. We would be penniless but very well dressed :) The tweed blazer is a flop. sigh.

    @Fashion Cappuccino Let me know what you think. Proceed with caution though - it's always hard to order online without trying things on! They are offering free returns which is nice!

  14. You bad, bad girl!!

    Lol! I love that you were even on a "browsing" ban!!

    The clifton coat reminds me so much of the Free People coat that Ping, you, and myself have. Love it! So many cute coats! Hope everything fits nicely! I especially hope the red one is a keeper...too cool!


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