66 Lu's Seafood

February 22, 2011

I really dislike today's outfit (ugh new tweed jacket that requires alteration...) so instead of boring you with another mediocre outfit I have some food porn from last weekend when I finally remembered to bring my camera.

Bf and I grabbed lunch at 66 Lu's Seafood (the literal chinese translation is the Taste of Sea). 66 Lu's Seafood is probably one of nine (distinctively) Taiwanese restaurants in Flushing and is middle of the pack though I personally think the Taiwanese food selection in Flushing is really mediocre to begin with. There is a restaurant in the Boston Chinatown that is also called the Taste of Sea but I think they are unrelated. In any case, the Boston one is better in my opinion though neither stand out to me.

I don't order dishes anymore (nothing special and sometimes pretty darn bland) and usually just order appetizers and the over-rice specials which are fairly priced and a nice sized portion. When I am really hungry I know I can count on 66 Lu's Seafood for its insanely fast turnaround time. Within 3 minutes of sitting down the waitress took our orders and about a minute later boyfriend's braised pork over rice special arrived. And my fried pork chop over rice followed about 3 minutes after.

66 Lu's Seafood
38-18 Prince St 
Flushing, NY 11369 
(718) 321-0904

Side note: While 66 Lu's Seafood is nothing too special...two doors down there is a Shanghainese restaurant called Nan Xiang Dumpling House that serves freshly made xiao long bao (steamed soup dumplings). Both bf and my older brother are big fans of xiao long bao and I think they both prefer Nan Xiang to Joe Shanghai (which is often recognized as the best xiao long bao in town) so that speaks volumes about the quality.

And I stopped by Economy Candy Market before heading to Soho (where I found H&M gold) and grabbed some candy for the walk.
The candy is cheap (for NYC standards anyway) and there is an array of choices. If you like retro candy and discontinued brands you should try your luck here. I didn't take too many pictures because I was busy browsing for candy. Tons and tons of candy are jampacked into this tiny little shop so if you don't look closely you'll miss interesting novelty candy.

I do think their candy went up in price a tiny bit since the last time I was there but I can't be sure.

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  1. Out of curiousity do you live in NYC by any chance? I saw that you reviewed another place in Flushing before? I want to check out that candy place now...seems like it would be tons of fun. And I have to confess, reading blogs by petite women makes me want to check out H&M although I rarely go in...its too overwhelming...

  2. I live in a CT suburb that houses a lot of people who work in NYC or Armonk. It's about an hour away from Manhattan by car (when there's no traffic). I love chinese food so I go to flushing once or twice a week for food. :)

    I agree that H&M is really too much...if you hate loud music bring noise canceling headphones. :) It's otherwise not too bad if you go with an open mind and try things on :)

  3. I was going to ask the same thing Jarucha did - my parents live in NYC and I grew up there! And I love Joe's Shanghai and xiao long bao, I drag my dad there for lunch every time I go home - and the scallion pancakes!

    If you're saying the Dumpling House is better though, I may need to defer to there next time - as long as they've got scallion pancakes too!

  4. yay for Economy Candy!! I'm so excited Elle!

    I've been to the nan xing place, which I agree trumps Joe's...BUT neither are even in the same league as din tai fung : ( I know ppl may disagree, but the bf I can't even eat east coast XLB anymore after trying those in CA.

  5. LOL those are appetizers? Muahaha, I need to just try ordering appetizers than, more plates, more variety, and quicker food service! I want to see what exactly how big those Pez despensors are! They look huge. O,O

  6. Do you work in NYC then? Wow, the commute to Flushing must take almost two hours then. I never had a xiao long bao...want to try one now.

  7. @Jarucha I don't work in NYC, I actually work near where I live. The proximity to a big city + quiet country life is what appealed to me when I was contemplating my options after college. I don't think I am cut out for the hustle and bustle of city life everyday. :) commute to Queens is actually not that much longer...probably about 20-30 minutes more...I use the Whitestone Bridge (exorbitant tolls GAH)

    @Banhannas hehe they aren't appetizers but they are just like bento box contents dumped onto a plate. It's cheap and quick! As for the pez dispensers, they are pretty darn big. I believe there are hello kitty ones available in those giant sizes!

    @PetiteAsianGirl I won't contest the fact that chinese food is better on the west coast...though I try to block that out bc otherwise I'd try to move there. :) I am not a huge fan of Din Tai Feng (or xlb)...but I am altogether more into southern chinese food than northern. :)

    @Lisa - respect the shoes ooo Lisa, are you sure you are not a part of my family? My entire family loves xiao long bao + scallion pancakes (my brother in particular...he can never get tired of those two). Do try it and let me know what you think!

  8. Always a lover of food porn. Although it tastes mediocre, the pictures are enough to instigate me to drop by Chinatown on my way home from work tomorrow for Asian food.

    Gah, I miss my braised meats. =(

  9. I'm going to make a list of all your restaurant recs in NY. I don't get a chance to go up often, but when I do, I'll be prepared :) If the Chinese food in Flushing isn't that good, where are the good ones located?

    Re Lanvin x H&M: If I could find the side-ruffle skirt on sale, I would snatch it up. But otherwise, I've convinced myself that even if I find the one-shouldered eggplant dress, I have no occasions to wear it too.

  10. Boy - I miss Asian food the minute my plane landed!!! My husband said he is so sick of rice but who cares lol.

    Wow, that restaurant is lightening fast. I got to eat a couple of Chinese food leftovers when I went home. We arrived just two days after Chinese New Year, so just in time for some leftovers. One of my favorites is Peking duck...yum, yum.

  11. Steamed soup dumplings sound amazing!!

    Looks like you guys had a nice weekend together! :)

  12. omg elle are you taiwanese??? because i'm taiwanese!!! hehehe.. muhaha.. i get so excited when i talk to taiwanese ppl.. anyways pai gou fan is like one of my ABSOLUTE favorite things to eat.. and xia long bao.. but the only good one is din tai fang really. interestingly enough.. din tai fung is better in LA then it is in taipei.. i think they just have too high turnover rate.

  13. My mouth is watering here reading this blog. I have to keep this in mind when I go to NY next time.:)

  14. I love reading about good places to eat in different cities. Your photos here are making me hungry! I loooove xiao long pao. I had it for the first time last year when I visited Hong Kong and omg, that's all I wanted to eat every meal of everyday lol.

  15. @Michelle it is! I bet Nevada has some hidden chinese food gems too! :)

    @Nelah Nelah they really are! I was literally sipping my tea for the second time when bf's food arrived. :)

    @Cee haha there are certainly "ok" ones in Flushing and Chinatown for sure but the truly authentic + good ones are usually on the west coast! I'll keep this series coming and try to bring my camera when I go. I usually forget to or it's inconvenient to. Will let you know if I spot that side ruffle skirt! :)

    @Gracie oh Gracie, I make myself want to eat it too. :) Even though I know it's not that good.

  16. @Sharon @ Fun and Life haha isn't it addictive. :)

    @Vicky hehe there's better to be had when you are here! Look me up. :)

    @lisa Lisa I AM Taiwanese! :) I agree that DTF is better in LA than in Taipei...the one I went to in Taipei was just meh. Maybe it was bc I always go during the summer?

  17. I love Asian food <33 *drools* Xiao long baos are sooooo yum. Do you speak/understand Cantonese, Elle?

    xx The Little Dust Princess


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