When In Doubt, Belt + Elle Feeds Herself

January 19, 2011

I randomly came across this dress among a pile of shopping bags that I was in the process of clearing out (shopping problem much?). I think I got this on the same shopping trip as this dress. In any case, it's one of few maxi dresses that I own.

Being petite I am constantly bombarded by fashion and women-centric magazines that tell me to dress for my shape (though petite is more of a height issue and less of a shape issue; read Kelly's very thorough post here) and that maxi dresses are perhaps one of the biggest "do-not-do's" when one is of a smaller stature. I guess in a moment of defiance (or sugar-induced buying binge) I picked this up without even trying it on.

The dress came with a thin little strap that was supposed to create a defined waist. I tried it with a sparkly belt (acquired in CA over the holidays) and a wider belt (came from an Anne Klein suit) to see if different belts would make a difference.

I thought the shoulder details were cute but from afar they sort of resemble dead birds that fell to their deaths on me.
So, maxi dresses. Do they work on me? I am donning three-inch heels in the pictures and the dress barely scrapes the floor. I envisioned myself in this dress wearing some straw thong flip flops but I guess that's not happening.


I don't think I've written a lot about my eating habits on this blog before but you don't need to read more than a page to know that I eat a lot of junk. I eat out on average about two meals a day and I don't cook very much (mostly out of laziness).

One thing I am good at is making waffles - though I am sure a six-year-old tall enough to reach kitchen cabinets can probably recreate what I am doing here. In any case, mmmm chocolate chip waffles (I don't eat waffles or pancakes without chocolate chip - that's like eating fries without ketchup. Sacrilege!).

The Cuisinart Waffle Maker that I got on Gilt is the best investment piece ever and yes, I stir my waffle mix using chopsticks.
My favorite brand of waffle mix - Krusteaz Belgian Waffle Mix. They are quite cheap - I think they are around $2. My least favorite brand of pancake and waffle mix is Bisquick.
Mini Nestle Real Semisweet chocolate chips. The key ingredient.
Best waffle maker ever, nonstick, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. Takes 10 seconds to clean up. Truly a lazy person's dream.
But be sure to spray it well with Pam!
Once the surface is hot enough (the beeper goes off), just pour the mix in and add a lot of chocolate chips. I was using regular sized chocolate chips but those burned because of their height and size.
A few minutes (5-8 depending on the level chosen), they are done! You have a sliding scale between 1-5 to choose from in terms of done-ness. I find 4 to be a pretty happy medium between crispy and blackened.
Add some powdered sugar and they are the perfect late-night snack. Especially on snowy nights like tonight.

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  1. hey elle,

    just letting you know that that dress is on sale for either $10 or $15 (i think $10 right now), so if you still have the receipt you should go get a price adjustment!

  2. I'm on the petite side as well (5'4") but I still love maxi dresses! I purchased my first last summer, and I don't regret it at all. I actually think that the thin belt you have on in the first picture to the left makes you look taller!

  3. I'm not a fan of maxi dresses. They remind me of Mrs. Roper from Three's Company (decades before your time, but I grew up watching that show). For dresses I prefer knee length or shorter.

    I had one near maxi length dress that I got from The Limited Too, girls size 14, back when I was in college. It was navy with little white flowers and very long and flowey. It was ankle length, and it looked awful on me.

  4. @littlenashua I am not typically a fan too but I don't know what kind of candy drug I must have been on when I bought this. Do you still have that girls' maxi dress? Maybe you can perform some of your sewing magic on it and turn it into a sun dress or something for the summer? :)

    @xJOLE how did I have no idea you are a petite!?! (maybe I just forgot?) you just look really tall and skinny. :) I can definitely imagine you in this dress, actually.

    @Anonymous oh wow, that's insane! They didn't have this particular style available at my local H&M, it was one of the new arrivals I saw at a bigger one and I thought I found such a deal picking it up. I just tried looking for the receipt but I think I must have thrown it away by accident. :( Thanks for the info though, I really appreciate it!

  5. i like maxi dresses. i have one and it's a little too long too! i need to trim off a few inches.

    that waffle looks so good!!!! its making me so hungry. i don't cook either. i rather not eat then have to cook, lol! i'm lazy too.

  6. I love the idea of maxi dresses and some petites can really pull it off- including you but me personally- I would look crazy in one..LOL

  7. I love maxi dresses! and if you're on the taller side of being petite, you can definitely pull it off. or you can go a bit shorter to the ankles. I like mine floor length. but one thing that I think is a no-no is heels w/a maxi dress. It's supposed to be casual, not fancy evening wear.

    If you think petites have issues wearing maxi dresses, consider avg height girls 5'5-5'7. If they're not lucky to be on the thinner side, they look huge and bloated in a maxi dress. not only that, it looks like a tent on them. Trust me, we have the least to worry about.

    @littlenashua: it is totally Mrs. Roper style! hahah great description. but hey, it's comfortable, and it's not entirely a muumuu.

  8. @AubreyOhDang! I agree that heels make the maxi's look ridiculous but I have not found a single maxi that I can wear without needing to hem it a few inches if I want to wear flat shoes. I think I need to find a cheaper tailor. But I get what you are saying about maxi's being unflattering on certain shapes - I was hinting that the magazines are completely and hopelessly wrong about the maxi trend being inappropriate for shorter girls. I think it tends to be unflattering on bustier girls but what do I know, right? :)

    p.s. saw your picture in the AN forum wearing that BR dress...VAVAVOOM. LOVE.DIE. So jealous that no alterations needed for you. :)

    @Ping Maxi dresses are so long on me...I need to chop off a good 3-5 inches to comfortably wear them around in flats. haha, you and I are to similar. We both avoid cooking and hate packing with a passion. :)

    @ReallyPetite Annie - there is nothing I can pull off that you can't. You are being modest. :)

  9. I almost spit out my drink when I read your dead bird comment - you are too funny! I think the dress looks gorgeous on you like every other dress I've seen you wear! Especially with the pink(?) sash :)

  10. Mmmmmmmmmm!!! Those waffles look sooo good, I'll be right over ;P I actually love that dress on you. A quick trip to the tailors and your flip flop dream can become a reality!

  11. @Elle
    it's actually $7 now :/

  12. I prefer the thin strap on you. It defines your waist the best (although the others probably just need to be tightened more). How about a straw hat instead? Or is that Chinese-farm-worker-ish?

    Your waffles look delicious :( It's making me miss college food! We had a waffle making station where I ate a waffle every day for 2 years.

  13. afterrr viewing your post on the waffles, I told my sister I want to buy a waffle maker!! what are your thoughts??

    Also, whenever you have time, please check out my blog...I just started blogging after being inspired by other bloggers including yours.
    I would love your comments and thoughts on the various blog posts that I will soon post up. My blog is kind of naked now.


  14. i've seen maxi dresses on other petites and have to say i actually really like it! i think when done right it can actually make you look really tall! my fave look is the one in the middle with the sparkly belt.

    and those waffles look so delicious! i need to invest in a waffle maker.

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  15. @SewPetiteGal you are too sweet, :) and yup, the sash is pink (though it looked a little grayish in the picture)

    @Callandra haha, I'll save some for you Callandra. :)

    @Anonymous haha, just my luck right? :) I am sure most people weren't able to look past the dead birds on shoulder issue that's going on with this dress. If I weren't on a ban I would go check out H&M right now...sounds like another awesome sale going on!

    @Cee haha, that's a hardcore commitment to waffles. I can probably eat waffles everyday too. :)

    @Eat lots, Shop lots, Get Fat Congrats on starting your new blog, I just stopped by! :)

    @kileen definitely! I really recommend this Cuisinart waffle maker, it's SPECTACULAR!

  16. I love this post! :)
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