Unexpected Pairing? Rust + Blush

January 11, 2011

I am in love with the beautiful rust color of this H&M blouse but am having trouble finding bottoms that compliment it. After several unsuccessful pairings I ended up deciding that the ultra feminine blush color goes best with the top.

The background picture is of Philadelphia in the summer.

Some close-ups.

Do you have a new favorite color pairing? 

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  1. Great pairing! My new favorite color pairing is mustard yellow and teal. I personally think they go well together

  2. Great shoes! And seamless outfit. So gorgeous together...and feminine!

  3. I like the skirt! And the blouse is so feminine! Maybe also try pairing the rust with a dark gray skirt. My favorite pairing is mustard yellow with gray. Although, I probably wear black and gray the most.


  4. Great combination! I especially love the skirt and shoes! I'm still trying to find my bearings in color combos but I really like turquoise with peach or pink :)

  5. Gorgeous, I loove that skirt! It's shape is so flattering, and it's unique. I have a terrible memory.. have you reviewed the skirt before and where is it from?

  6. Ugh ignore my terrible grammar and sp.... >__<

  7. Sydney - I like yellow and teal too! I haven't successfully pulled it off yet but will be looking at you for inspiration.

    Ramsey - the shoes are a tad big but I love them anyway

    Petite Mom - everyone loves mustard yellow (I have too few of them!), nothing wrong with wearing darker shades, they are timeless!

    SPG - WOOO, I have tried that combo before but it didn't work out too well for me. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

    Sophia - lol, my comments are worse so no worries. I have worn this skirt a few times already on here but never devoted a post to it so no wonder it looks familiar. It's from H&M and I recently saw that they got another order of it in! I was at the H&M at Costa Mesa and they had a whole rack of it!

  8. i love this color combo! i personally treat rust like an orange color and think it can go with everything (it's universal like black, lol)! however, some especially great colors that might make it pop are mustard, blue, and purple. and i love those shoes!

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  9. elle-- i love that blouse and skirt combo on you. the new imposed background is cool too. i remember trying that blouse on actually. omg it looks terrible on me. haha here is a pic for entertainment purposes!

    i also need to venture outside my comfort colors (blacks & greys!).

  10. I love the colours! The skirt is really pretty. :D Question: What's the Chinese button say at the top?!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  11. Oh my word, those colors really are spectacular together! I never would have thought of it!

    You look fantastic, I love this outfit.

  12. @Ping: I didn't think the shirt looked awful. I just think the sleeves are too big and at an awkward length on both you and Elle in general.

  13. Aubrey & Ping : cuffs are too big even for dolman type tops...I was going to try to move in the buttons myself but haven't done so. I think it's really way too big on you Ping, you are so tiny!

    Melissa - thanks so much, kind of happened by accident, glad it works out!

    Jessy - lol, it's for my chinese language blog. I decided I would use that to practice my extremely fuzzy chinese. :)

    Kileen - love your color brigade feature, if it weren't for the fact that I am so darn bad at mixing colors I'd be submitting pictures left and right but alas...

  14. I love the color of your blouse! Those flats are beyond adorable! xoxoxo

  15. Such pretty colors and that blouse is so gorgeous!

    I am loving that skirt.....:)

  16. Cute outfit, Elle! I'm comparing the rust color to the background image and I think a lot of colors would go well with it. Boring ol' me would probably stick to black or gray. Favorite color pairings... I tend to stick to the ones in the same family, but try complementary colors every once in awhile in accessories.

    My Chinese is non-existent. So sad, I know. Teach me? :)

  17. Fab outfit and great color combo!

  18. I love rust! I looks amazing with that skirt! Nice job!

  19. that rust color is beautiful! I think that blush color is perfect with that outfit. I'm horrible with colors, I would probably wear that blouse with black and look halloweeny, but I suppose it can still work with black too, if adding another color to the mix, maybe ah my head hurts to think of what other combinations, hehe

  20. I love these together! Beautiful!!! You did good with the color pairing!

  21. Love this outfit and the color combo!!


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